Space Race

USA squares off versus the Soviet Union

Movie Premiere

Starring John F. Kennedy and a host of fellow Americans facing the dreaded Soviets and the communist party.

Plot- To prove their advanced technology the countries try to reach space before the other. Each grappling for a firm grip as the worlds most powerful country. All hope seems lost as the Soviets set record after record, first aircraft in space with the satellite Sputnik, followed by Yuri Gagarin as the first human in space. However, the Americans soon shattered these feats and did the unthinkable, landing on the moon. This moment forever proved the United States superior technological intellect. This parallels to our original movie, Cold War, because the two main world powers faced off to prove each other who the dominant force was. Also, during the Cold War, America prevailed, following a series of events, which would originally be seen as failure. Paralleling the Soviet's early accomplishments during the Space Race