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January 2018


Hopefully everyone was able to get copies of their child's GT evaluations from the fall semester. If you have any questions about your child's evaluations, please contact the teacher to discuss it further or write any comments on the forms and send them back with your child. The spring evaluations will go home the week before we get out for summer break. It will be the same types of evaluations going home this time from your child's GT advisory teacher, as well as core and elective teachers.

GT Expo Order Form

Below is an example of the GT Expo order form that will be going home with your students this week. This year GT funds will NOT cover lunch so we are asking for $20: $10 for a purchased lunch and drink and $10 for a GT t-shirt. If you don't want to purchase a lunch for your child, please have them bring their own lunch that day and if you don't want to purchase a GT t-shirt, please have your child wear a royal blue unicorn t-shirt on the day of the Student Expo. For those purchasing shirts, please be sure to choose the size (all sizes are adult) and students will choose from lunch options as we get closer to the Expo date. Checks should be made out to Betty Hunt for the t-shirt and Oak Run Middle School for the lunch order. The GT order form and money are due Friday, February 16. Thank you!
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Help Kids Navigate Their Digital Lives

As adults witness the rising tides of teenaged anxiety, it’s tough not to notice a common thread that runs through the epidemic — something that past generations never dealt with. Clutched in the hand of nearly every teen is a smartphone, buzzing and beeping and blinking with social media notifications.

Parents, all too often, just want to grab their teen’s phone and stuff it in a drawer. But is social media and the omnipresence of digital interactions really the cause of all this anxiety? Read more here.

6th Grade


On January 17-19 6th grade GT joined Ms. Hunt in the library for Makerspace activities involving STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math). Students rotated everyday in stations so they could play, create, make, etc. at all stations with all the activities, games and tech equipment. For those students who were at elementary campuses last year that had IDEA labs, they were familiar with some of the equipment and activities used. Stations included: Play Osmo (iPad technology), Cublets, Little Bits, Ozobots, Snap Circuits (all circuit activities), K'Nex, Building Blocks, Marble Run, Domino Rally (all engineering centers), and Maker Electronics. Some centers had a problem students needed to solve while others were for learning, playing, making and growing in all areas of STEAM.

Ms. Redwine

6th GT Advisory



Ms. Beabout

6th GT Advisory



7th Grade

State Park Projects

Most of the new year has been spent doing required advisory things such as assemblies, Career Cruising, Circle Time, evaluation distribution, etc. However, 7th grade is beginning their State Park Projects. The students in the pictures below have chosen their groups and park project ideas and took a picture with their themes!
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Ms. Brooks

7th GT Advisory



Ms. Hybner

7th GT Advisory



8th Grade

Farmer's Market Wrap Up

January was a time to wrap up the Farmer's Market project. Students wrote thank you cards to their investors and shared their entrepreneur experience using Google Slides with the class and their Shark Tank investors. Students answered the following questions on their Google Slides:

What made your project a success?

What obstacles did your group face?

What would you do differently if you repeated this project?

What did you learn about entrepreneurship?

What did you enjoy about this project?

Students also created a mission statement to sum up their project experience and provided an expense report to share profits, expenditures, etc.

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The second phase of project reflection was for students to self-reflect on how they contributed to the Farmer's Market project. Students used pictures to consider how different people perceived them. This meme will be used this week to facilitate discussion between group members. Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Cowan sat with the groups to discuss self-reflection memes and set goals for the second semester. Example of a meme below.
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Pet Rock

8th grade GT is starting a Marketing Challenge this week to design their own pet rock and market it to Toys R Us. Jobs are listed below for each teammate to choose from.
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Ms. Bryant

8th GT Advisory



Ms. Cowan

8th GT Advisory



Events Coming Up...

GT Order Form and Money DUE!

Friday, Feb. 16th, 3:30pm

Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

Please turn in your GT order form and money to your GT advisory teacher (if you are purchasing lunch and/or t-shirt) by the end of the day Friday, February 16th! Thank you!

GT Showcase (Parents Only)

Tuesday, April 24th, 4:30-5:30pm

Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

This year the GT Showcase will be held for parents the night before the actual showcase itself happens at both middle schools. We will spend Tuesday, April 24 setting up for the showcase and parents, friends, family and community members, etc. will attend the GT Showcase from 4:30-5:30. The students will leave their projects where they are and then show them off to NBMS the next day. Projects will go home at the end of Wednesday, April 25.

GT Showcase (Students Only)

Wednesday, April 25th, 8am-4pm

Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

This is the all day GT Showcase where students present their projects to NBMS students and teachers and then we will view NBMS's projects on their campus. More information to come about transportation information, lunch, etc.

Spring Evaluations

Friday, May 25th, 3:30pm

Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

Teachers and students are required to fill out an evaluation on their participation in the GT program in May. This year students will also receive evaluations from other core and elective teachers so that we get a complete picture of how their gifts are demonstrated in all classes. The evaluations will not be mailed this year. Instead they will go home in a large envelope with students.

Ms. Hunt, Librarian and GT Facilitator

Please contact me or your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the GT program at ORMS.