Fearless in Fifth

Indian Creek 5th Grade Newsletter: Week of October 19th

Important Dates to Remember!

Friday, October 23 - Early Release and Fall Carnival

November 16 through 20 - Fall Book Fair

November 18 and November 19 - Outdoor School

November 23 through 27 - Thanksgiving Break

Indian Creek PTA!

Please be sure to check out our wonderful PTA's website. This website is full of everything you would want to know regarding our PTA and any events going on here at Indian Creek.


Art Class Need

Mrs. Sorrels, our Art teacher, is in need of magazines and plastic soda tops (any kind). If you have any of these on hand, could you please send them to school with your child? We greatly appreciate it!

**UPDATED** Outdoor School and Chaperones

Outdoor School is fast approaching! Yay! We will be attending Wednesday, November 18th and Thursday, November 19th. We will need two chaperones per class, so ten chaperones total. At this time, if you want to be considered to be a chaperone, please make sure you have your background check done and approved with LISD. If you are unsure if your background check is up to date, you are more than welcome to call the office and they can check on it for you. We will be sending home information on Monday. There will be a portion for you to fill out and send back to school if you would like to be considered for a chaperone position. The deadline to submit and return this form is Monday, November 2.

Fall Carnival-Pet Care-Themed Basket

We have received a few items so far, but are still in need of several more items for our Fifth Grade Basket! Thank you so much for your help and support! Let's make this the best basket up for auction!

Hello 5th Grade ICE Families!

The ICE PTA will hold their annual Silent Auction on October 23, 5:30-7:30. Proceeds will benefit ICE students and staff. The PTA is kindly asking that each grade donate items to be included in a themed basket. These baskets did extremely well at the auction last year!

The 5th grade teachers have chosen PET CARE as their basket theme! If you would like to send a new, pet care-related item to school with your child, please do so by October 19. Participation is optional.

Come to the auction to bid on this basket – or on many other wonderful items!

Contact Jessica Amason at icepta.auction@yahoo.com with any questions or if you’d like to volunteer at the auction.

Thank you so much for your help!

Jessica Amason & Elizabeth Danielson

Silent Auction Co-Chairs

What We Are Learning this Week:

  • Unit 4 and 5: Dividing Whole Numbers. This week we will be learning how to divide up to a four-digit dividend by a two-digit divisor. We will use a variety of strategies when dividing.
  • Wednesday, October 22nd, the students will be assessed over Dividing Whole Numbers.


  • We will continue looking at the different elements of a story and how they can help us comprehend what we read.
  • Our main focus will be on character traits and how characters change over time. We will also focus on the different types of conflicts characters have that cause them to change throughout a story, such as man vs self, man vs nature, man vs man and man vs society.


  • We will continue our personal narrative writing unit.
  • Throughout this unit, students will practice organizing their thoughts, focus and expand upon a small moment in their lives and will develop and enhance their writing by adding irregular and passive verbs and transition words.


  • Now your children are learning about mixtures and solutions and whether or not the physical properties remain even when they are mixed together.
  • Your children will be assessed next week over Mixtures.

Social Studies:

  • We will continue our unit on the earliest Americans and how they migrated to and settle in North America. Students will be able to explain when, where, and why groups of people explored, colonized, and settled in North America and how and why people have adapted to their environment.


Please contact the appropriate teacher to let us know if your child is staying to attend tutoring.

Tutoring is after school and ends at 3:35pm. Please pick up your child at the front of the building promptly at 3:35.

Monday - Math (Mrs. Purvis & Mrs. Vitosh)

Tuesday - Reading (Mrs. Brown, Ms. Horne, & Mrs. Legg)

Wednesday - Any Subject (all teachers, Ms. Legg will have writing tutoring)

Resources to Use:


Access the math textbooks online by first going to www.lisd.net.

Go to the "Resources" tab and click on "for Students."

Once there, click on "Digital Resources."

On the right side of the page is a button that says "Pearson Realize."

The log-in is the same as your student's district log-in.

Social Studies:

The Social Studies Alive curriculum is entirely online. Here is how your student can access the information from home:

website: www.teachtci.com (and select 'student')

username: last name, 1st initial

password: ID # (numbers only)

"Hyper and Annoying: When Your Good Kid Acts That Way"

Weekly, we will send you a link from a parenting resource called, "Love and Logic". I believe you will appreciate the information as much as I have.

Is it true that some kids have neurological conditions that make it far more difficult for them to remain calm and self-controlled? You bet.

Is it also true that there are many things within our control…with all types of children…that can up the odds that they will behave in ways that avoid their placement on our last nerve?

Are you a parent who errs on the side of assuming that your child can't help being out of control? Or are you one who assumes that with the right type of love, limits, structure, training, and expectations, they can usually remain fun to be around?

Listed below is a laundry list of some old-fashioned yet powerful strategies:

Unlike adults, many children get hyper when they're tired.

Too many activities create stressed families. Stressed families create kids who act out to relieve their stress.

When kids lack solid limits, they tend to act out to get them. Be sure to set limits by describing what you are willing to do or allow…rather than telling them how they should act. An example:

You are welcome to stay in the same room with us as long as

your voice is quiet and you aren't running around.

Predictable routines
Kids thrive when these and other routines are more or less routine: Getting ready each morning, dinnertime, bedtime, family reading time, homework time, playtime, etc.

Some parents experiment with "sitting practice." They have fun with their child and challenge them to remain seated and quiet for a small amount of time. They set the timer and make a big deal out of their child meeting a specific goal. They gradually increase the goal as time goes by.

Good food
Junk food tends to create junky behavior.

Exercise calms the brain. My mother must have known this when she'd say, “Oh…looks like you need to run around the yard and burn off some of that steam."

Any reluctance to do as she asked, automatically created a long list of chores that served as another form of exercise.

Very limited screen time
The more kids interact with screens the more difficulty they have with self-regulation.

A good marriage
Kids tend to act out any anxiety or tension present in the home.

Listen to my audio, Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up, to help get back to the basics and enjoy calmer, happier kids.

Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.

Dr. Charles Fay

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From left to right: Mrs. Vitosh, Mrs. Horne, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Purvis, Ms. Legg


In an effort to connect more with technology and to interact with our community in a different way, ICE teachers are taking to Twitter! Be sure to follow your favorite teachers to see and get updates on what is being done in the classroom/school!

Mrs. Brown - @MrsBrowngrade5

Mrs. Horne - @fearlessin5th

Ms. Legg - @leggn1

Mrs. Purvis - @fifthisfun

Mrs. Vitosh - @AmyVitosh

Fifth Grade Team - @5thicefalcons

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Teacher E-mail Addresses

Mrs. Brown - brownek@lisd.net

Mrs. Horne - hornej@lisd.net

Ms. Legg - leggn@lisd.net

Mrs. Purvis - purvisad@lisd.net

Mrs. Vitosh - vitosha@lisd.net