By Nancy Martinez-Ramirez

Yes it;s true India is the 7th most biggest country in the world. It is slightly 1/4 bigger than the United States. But there is one thing that only India has and that is the Himalayas. India has a river called the Ganges River and that makes land fertile.India is usually 86 degrees.

Along with that, India has many types of animals including rhino's,elephants,birds and types of lions. Remember these animals are only in the Southern continent.

India does have allot of animals, but India also has some ancient sites.These sites include the Lothal, Qutub Minar Dehli, the Buddhist Monuments, Pattadaka group of monuments and the Taj Mahal. Not only are these sites as lovely as a rose but these sites are some of the worlds most civilized places ever.

Today in India, 8 out of 10 students get to attend school unlike back then when only 4 out of 10 went to school. It was established in 1975 so as you can see, over the 105 years that have passed, India has improved allot.

Although India has many activities, I would prefer seeing sights in India like going to a park and explore wildlife like tigers. If not then you can explore the wild jungle and see huge rivers.If you don't want to explore then I would also prefer riding on a giant yet gentle elephants.

Now you know what you can do in India, here are some tips that will help prevent you looking like a lost child. People might not understand you in India so it will help that you know some of Indian's language. Also, you could try possibly try to at least dress like Indian's and there way of dressing. Also, you should remember that in places like Mexico or India, there are different ttpes of money so if you want to go shopping, try to have Indian money. Hope you can come to India soon and explore the wonderful places in India.