Tech Tools for MSI Library

Ideas to Inspire!

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Communication and Collaboration

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Padlet is a collaborative wall where participants post notes.

Click to access a practice Padlet wall.

Check out how librarian Shannon Miller uses Padlet with her 3rd graders.

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Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype is a fun way to connect classes with other classes around the world. Check out this blog post from teacher Pernille Ripp about how Mystery Skype works in her classroom.

Critical Thinking, Decision Making & Problem Solving

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Checking for Understanding

Technology is great for allowing every student to have a chance to answer every question. This gives teachers feedback on how well students are understanding the material. It's also a great way for students to get instant or timely feedback so they can monitor and adjust their understanding.

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Creativity & Innovation

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Storybird allows students to combine their words with a collection of pre-existing art work to create digital books. Teachers can create accounts for students. A free educator account allows for 35 student accounts to be created.

Check out this example: Spicy Ninja's Bad Day

Let's play!

Log in with a sample student account: katiann; lovebooks

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Thinglink allows you to upload images and add tags to the images. With ThinglinkEdu teachers can create accounts for students.

Check out these Thinglink examples:

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Smore is a fun way to create digital flyers.

Check out how librarian Shannon Miller used Smore to share resources with her teachers.