Orientation Leader Spring Updates

Happy April "Meeting"!

In an effort to keep you all informed throughout the remainder of the spring semester, we are sending this email to replace our traditional April and May meetings. After reading through this email, if you have any questions, please contact Kristie at kmcnamara4@worcester.edu.

At this time, you should have been invited to a group chat by either Malika or Hailie. If not, once we get your contact information, you will be added. The professional staff is also currently working on some ideas for getting all of you together over Zoom to get to know each other a bit better before June. So stay tuned!

Contact & Dirt Sheet

Please complete the following form by April 17. The information will be used to put together a contact sheet for the Orientation staff as well as write your bios and put your photo in our Facebook album!

Click here to complete the form!

Financial Information

Christine has reached out to everyone individually regarding any hiring paperwork that needs to be completed prior to starting the position in June. If you have not yet responded to her, please do so ASAP!

Christine can be reached at cpulsifer@worcester.edu.

StrengthsQuest Assessment

Every year during training, we spend time discussing your strengths and the strengths of the team using Gallup Strengths. For those of you who have already taken the Strengths, there's nothing more you need to do.

For those of you who have not yet taken the assessment, you will need to take it by May 27. The assessment can be accessed at strengthsquest.com by setting up an account and using your personalized access code. Access codes are available in the document below - just sign in with your WSU account.

Please set aside about 45 minutes to take the assessment. If you have any problems getting your code to work, please email Sarah at spotrikus@worcester.edu.

Social Media

Get ready to start using #woostate2024! Any time you are posting related to the OL position, please make sure to use #woostate2024. It's also how we collect photos during the program for our social media contest!

Personal Collage Project

On the first day of training, you will be introducing yourselves to your fellow Orientation Leaders using your poster board collage. You must create a collage that shows us who you are! Make a poster board filled with pictures, drawings, or ANYTHING you feel represents you!

Ideas for Poster Board Collage

No aspect is mandatory, be creative, unique and have as much fun with it as possible

  • Name, Hometown, Class, Major(s)/minor(s)
  • What does your name mean
  • Who named you and why
  • Clubs and activities you’re involved in
  • Any favorites you may have [food, color, quotes, books, movies, restaurants,
  • etc.]
  • Places you would like to visit
  • Goals and ambitions
  • Adjectives that describe you
  • Fears
  • Career/profession
  • Pet peeves
  • Any bad habits you may have
  • Things you can never leave the house without
  • Things you can’t live without
  • Anything you feel that describes you and would like others to know

Move-In Information

You will be living in Chandler Village during the June training and in Dowden Hall during the first year programs. Please plan to pack accordingly. Chandler Village apartments are equipped with a kitchen and living area. During the weekends between programs, you will continue to have access to your Chandler apartment.

Once everyone has completed their Contact & Dirt Sheet, we will begin to assign rooms for June. We will send another email with rooming information and a suggested packing list.