CCS System Update

April 2021


As a new member to the Cullman community, I want to thank the citizens and stakeholders of this school system for welcoming my family and me over the past few weeks. It is clear now, why Cullman has a reputation for being such a fine city and a great place to raise children. I am excited about the work we have to do here in Cullman. I look forward to working with the Board, teachers and staff, and stakeholders of Cullman.
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LETRS in Action

Recently, State School Board Member Dr. Cynthia McCarty visited Cullman City Primary School. Her visit was to see the application of LETRS training which almost 100% of CCPS’ staff has completed. I joined her for her visit, and we both were amazed with the degree of differentiating and individualized instruction from the teachers at CCPS.
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Focus on Student Safety and Growth Within CCS

Last week, the Board of Education and I had a two day work session/retreat where we discussed the Board/Superintendent relationship, completed the required whole board training with the Alabama Association of School Boards, and discussed student growth and safety.

One of the outcomes of our work session was to develop a comprehensive plan to address student safety and growth within the Cullman City School System. This aligns to indicator 3.1 of our current strategic plan- Address current student growth needs and develop a plan to address future expanding needs.

A result of this comprehensive plan would be to adjust the grade configuration of our school system to Pre-K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, and 9 - 12. This would be a three to four year process beginning with addressing the Middle and Primary Schools.

1. Cullman City Primary School

  • Add a 12 classroom wing (tornado shelter), multipurpose building, and cafeteria/kitchen
  • Develop a second exit from campus to Oak Street
  • Convert old cafeteria to additional classroom space
  • Transition all 2nd grade students in August of 2023
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2. Cullman Middle School

  • Add a 16-18 classroom building (tornado shelter) to include a new library, agriscience area, performing arts area, and administrative offices
  • Remove round building and old agriculture building
  • Incorporate interior upgrades to main building and cafeteria
  • Transition all sixth grade students to CMS in August of 2025
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3. West and East Elementary Schools

  • Add multipurpose buildings for programs, assemblies, and physical education activities
  • Transition 2nd grade to CCPS in August of 2023
  • Transition 6th grade to CMS in August of 2025

4. Miscellaneous Projects

  • Install synthetic turf at CHS softball field
  • Replace bleachers in CHS gym
  • Partner with Quarterback Club to upgrade stadium scoreboard
  • Address deteriorating tennis complex restrooms
  • Maintenance Department Workspace/Shop
  • Land/Property Acquisitions

The next step of this plan would be to secure the funding sources. Most of the money needed to make this vision a reality can be secured by our system, however, we would need help with about $15,000,000.00.

Currently we are researching multiple avenues to close this financial gap which includes assistance from the city and using any funds we can from our American Rescue Plan Act allocations. Our current allocation of ARPA funds cannot be used on capital improvements and the next allocation, which will be just over $4,500,000.00 only allows facility repairs and improvements that reduce the risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards, and to support student health needs. So it is important to note that we will receive federal assistance related to COVID-19 but very little if any can be used to support a comprehensive capital plan to address student safety and growth.

In the near future, we will work to revise our current Board approved Capital Plan to better align with our needs and resources as well as begin the process of selecting architects and meeting with school/stakeholder groups to draft the best designs for each campus that falls within our budget.

CCS General Fund Analysis for March

The Bottom Line

The month of March is 1) 50% into the fiscal year. Revenues were at 2) 60.32% while

expenditures were at 3) 48.77%. Our total net operations were 4) $1.7mill. Total assets were 5) 10.2mill. We ended the month with a fund balance of 6) $9.8mill which brings us to 7) 3.98 months of reserves.

Fully Charged

In the month of April, the Cullman City Schools Technology Integration Specialists have been busy working with students and teachers. In addition to helping classes prepare for the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP), the technology department also worked with classroom teachers to address Alabama's Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards. Governor Kay Ivey has been a big proponent of furthering our students' understanding and application of computer science principles in all subject areas. Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Bates worked to provide engaging lessons that help students to learn and understand areas such as computational thinking, being a citizen of a digital culture, global collaboration, computing analysis, and innovative design through computing. Students have focused on proper use of the internet, search techniques, discerning the validity of information, as well as how to be skilled communicators in a digital environment. This month, over 109 students have participated in lessons that spanned grades 3 - 5.

Next Update: May 2021