the planet promise

headquarters and size of the company

the Lego company is located in Billund, Denmark. In 2013, Lego had roughly about 11,755 employees worldwide, and it has only grown larger since then. Logo is known for making childrens toys that are easy for kids to build.

The Planet Promise

The lego company has long term ambitions to send zero waste to landfill, and generating 100% renewable energy. The company invested in a large offshore wind farm off the coast of north-west Germany. In 2013 Lego joined the WWF climate savers partner ship, and they have committed to becoming 'net carbon positive' in 2016, and 100% renewable in 2020. Lego sees environmental sustainability as not only being good business, and the right thing to do, but as something people should expect, and they deliver value by making it main stream. They have added value to the company by improving recyclability, reducing the embodied energy of the product, speeding up manufacturing, and reducing cost. Just recently the company has taken out metal axels out of their products, and used plastic plugs instead so the whole product can be recycled.