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22-23 CEPI Deadlines At-A-Glance

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MiDataHub prep work need prior to publishing data for 22-23

There have been many inquiries about MiDataHub data flow for 2022-23 school year. However, to start the flow of this data, the below processes must be completed by the district’s PS administrator, first. By having the below stated work completed, it will help minimize the errors in processing data.

  1. Years/Terms for All buildings must be completed with TSDL codes
  2. All building Calendars must be completed
  3. All Teachers must have their PIC# entered
  4. Students must be scheduled into 22-23 course sections
  5. Students must have UIC number entered
  6. Resource Configuration Editor – Organizations tab

Β· Review these are the buildings your District would like to publish. If you are seeing WEOC holding buildings; uncheck them. Do not publish this data.

7.Code Mapping must be reviewed / adjusted if necessary

  • Entry Types
  • Exit Withdraw Types
  • Grade Levels
  • Grading Periods
  • Languages
  • Staff Classifications
  • Relation
  • Attendance Event Categories
  • Behavior Categories
    • CEPI Type
    • o Code Description (suggestions)

      o 20 Firearm Possession - Handgun

      o 21 Firearm Possession - Rifle or Shotgun

      o 22 Firearm Possession - other than Handgun, Rifle or Shotgun

      o 23 Other Weapon Possession

      o 30 Illicit Drug

      o 31 Alcohol

      o 44 Bomb or Similar Threat

      o 55 Arson

      o 56 Other

      o 60 Physical Violence with injury

      o 61 Physical Violence without injury

      o 62 Tobacco

  • Calendar
  • Cohort Type

  1. Mapping (Other) must be reviewed / adjusted if necessary
  • Stored Grades
  • Operational Status
  • School type
  • School Category
  • Learning Preferences

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

PS TSDL 22-23 Set-Up Info

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For the 2021-2022 school year, districts had the option to use either of the available MI Teacher Student Data Link exports from their PowerSchool instance. Above is the summary of version 1.0 which will be available for use in 2022-2023.

There is a different setup process to use during SOY in preparation for next year. Be sure to view the PowerSchool Community video showing the steps needed by clicking here.

Meet the Data Team

Merri Lynn Colligan

Chief Information Officer

  • Coordination of WISD technical Services
  • WISD representation on MISEN, METL, MAEDS
  • REMC 16 Director

Archana Bhide

Office Professional
  • Tech purchasing for WISD/LEA
  • Admin Support
  • Support for WISD Tech billing

Gretchen Derr Mullins

WISD Technical Specialist
  • PowerSchool Administrator for LEAs Ypsilanti Community School District & Lincoln Consolidated School District
  • Website support, training & devlopment
  • Blog support
  • Eduvision support
  • Communications & PR support

Melissa Dubiel

WISD Technical Specialist
  • PowerSchool Administrator for LEAs Ypsilanti Community School District & Lincoln Consolidated School District

Stephanie Gabriel

WISD Data Team Technical Lead

  • Oversight of WASH Programs Data Systems
  • Reporting Dev (SQL)
  • Support & training for PS
  • District systems for WASH/WEOC/LEA
  • PS Admin & PSSP support & training
  • CEO/RG/historian

Leslie Hite

WISD Technical Specialist
  • Pupil Accounting Coordinator
  • PowerSchool support
  • PSSP Support

Ryan Liskiewicz

WISD Technical Specialist

  • MiDataHub support
  • Application integration
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • PowerSchool support

Hannah Porritt

Data Team Tech Assistant
  • PowerSchool support
  • PSSP support
  • CEO support

Clark Rodeffer

Educational Solutions Data Coach
  • Helping educators access, understand, and act upon various data

David Spitzley

WISD Technical Specialist

  • State and Federal Reporting

  • Data Analysis

  • Board game Evangelism

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