The Girl Who Survived

By Bronia Brandman and Carol Bierman


This book is about a girl named Bronia, who is Polish and is sent to Auschwitz II-Birkenau. She was supposed to go to the gas chambers, but she snuck into the right line with her big sister. Bronia was very young to be at work. Then, she gets sick with typhus and a nurse named Bozenka takes care of her and makes sure she doesn't get sent to the gas chambers because she is sick. Next, the death march came and she is still sick, but Bozenka will do anything to make sure she doesn't get behind and then shot, even if she has to carry her herself.

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Theme of the Book

The theme of The Girl Who Survived is to never give up. In the book, Bronia got sick twice, but when the officer came to write peoples names down that would go to the gas chambers she tried with all her strength to look healthy enough not to go. Also, when the work was getting tough she kept telling herself to keep going.

Fiction VS Non- Fiction

To make this into a fictional story for an 8-12 year old reading group I would change some of the descriptive, detailed words about the camp into more simpler, less gross words. Also, I would change their names because they are hard to pronounce. I would make the story less about how the people died and more about the survival of Bronia and how Bozenka helped her stay alive.