The Babylonian Times

What is happening in Babylon

The New Code of Laws!

Well folks, were in for a new era for our fine empire. Our great king Hammurabi has claimed that the gods have given him a code of laws so that we can be in check. Some of these laws have been reported to help stop some of our chaos, even though many have died for doing regular acts. Our great king believes in the phrase "an eye for an eye." That means that if a person kills another he will be put to death. Only happiness in Babylon it seems..

What's Happening in the World of Inventions

The Babylonians are Advancing!

Inventing has started to take root in our society. Some people have started to build concepts of the sail boat, which is a craft that allows people to float on water, so we can not be attacked by the Assyrians, or any other bandits. Since the Assyrians are afraid of water, this will be very helpful. This will allow us to transport our goods quicker and safer.


Us Babylonians are known for our fearsome army. We have now destroyed Akkad. There was a fearsome battle battle and we prevailed. The Akkadians fled like the cowards they are. The King is holding a party on Procession Avenue.

Classified adds

Chariot for sale! High grade fit for a king! Come to the craftsman district and ask for the chariot shop. Brand new, with knockdown prices.

Weapons for sale!

We build the finest capons, military grade! Some weapons consist of swords, spears, and bow and arrows. Sperate arrows are also available Come on down and discover how good our products are and how extremely low the prices are.

The World of Architecture

Some of the many architectural feats in Babylon are The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Ishtar's Gate, and Babylon's Great Outer Walls. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were constructed by Nebuchadnezzar II to please his wife. Ishtar's Gate was constructed by Nebuchadnezzar II as well for to make the city beautiful and to assure its inhabitants that they could count on the protection of these gods. Lastly, Babylon's Great Outer Walls were constructed to keep all Babylonians safe.


In Babylon, there has been an auction for wives. Mr. Shameny bought Herika for 30 mina of gold. Many people have started to boycott this means of getting married. We asked Mr. Fleem about his take on this. "I think it's not right that women are sold as wives in auctions. You should be able to choose who you want to marry. I think that people should start talking to the king about this whole situation."


Right now the high priest is praying to the gods for a good harvest season. He says that he specifically prayed to Nissaba, the god of the harvest, so there would be a 100 percent chance the crops grow.


Right now the food that is thriving is bread, corn, and fish. And when it is prepared correctly, it surely is yum! The fish is usually prepared by being soaked in salt water, partially cooked over a fire, and then the bones are taken out and it is cooked fully.