Counselor's Corner With Ms. Weston

March Update for Manvel School


March brings the first glimpses of spring and new classroom counseling programs for many of our students!

Here's a glance at what our students are learning in their weekly SEL (social-emotional learning) counseling lessons:

Pre-school and Kindergarten:

We are practicing social skills and self-management skills through our "Dinosaur Friends." Last month Try-ceraptops kept us to keep trying and a growth mindset, Blurt-o-saurus taught us tools to use when it is not our turn to talk, Telly-dactyl taught us the difference between tattling and telling, and T-Wrecks taught us how to control our body and be observant to avoid accidents.

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1st-3rd Grade:

We will be starting our "Little Spots of Feelings" curriculum. Students will learn how to communicate their feelings and recognize feelings in other people effectively. When they can identify cause and affect in their attitude and behavior, they can better handle the challenges that life presents.

We will be exposed to 7 primary spots of feeling: love, happiness, anxiety, anger, sadness, confidence, and peacefulness.

Look for take home posters and art projects in your students' backpack and please ask them to share with you what they are learning.

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4th Grade:

We will be starting our Sources of Strength curriculum. In this curriculum, students will learn about the sources of strength wheel and how to use their strengths to cope with feelings of sadness, anxiety, and anger.

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5th and 6th grade:

We will be taking a look at our 5 Love Languages and learning how to show care and kindness to our family and friends through the language that they speak!

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7th and 8th grade:

We will be using the Jason Foundation programming "Choices" to learn how to spot warning signs that a friend is in a mental health crisis and learn practical ways to offer help and connect them to an adult.

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