Coppell Municipal Court

By: Chandler, Iris, Kassidy, Robyn

Law and Order

Judge Kim tells us about how she works with different prisoners and how she can face time with the prisoner and tell them what she can do to help them. The most chases they work with is traffic violations and alcohol offences, adults and minors, and drug offenses. The youngest age they can have in court is 10,and they have had 10 year olds in court. If they are younger then 10 your not legally responsible for what they did. Class C misdemeanors usually can have lawyers.

Shot by the Cop

Officer Dirks came and talked to us about his job. He told us that policemen have lots of paperwork. It is fun when you get to catch the bad guy, but then you have to go back and do all the paperwork for that guy. You can't bring evidence that you didn't put in the paperwork. Police officers write arrest warrants, and have cameras on the person they are arresting.

Text, crash, boom

Texting while driving is a huge safety hazard. Even just looking at your phone can cause serious damage.In a school in Houston at least 1 kid died a year for 10 years from crashing.By putting away your phone before starting to drive you can prevent any accidents from happening. Stop texting and driving before you become the victim or cause of serious damage.