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September 2017

Welcome to Team Townline


September 5: Curriculum Night for grades 3-5 starting at 6:30PM

Week of September 11: K and 1st grades AIMS assessment; MAP testing for grades 2-5

Week of September 11: Attendance Week

September 18: 4th grade Instrument Fair 6:00-8:00 TL Cafeteria

September 20: TL Picture Day

September 21: No School

September 22: TL/DL Ice Cream Social starting at 6:30PM

September 26: Principal Reads at Aspen Library starting at 6:30PM

September 29: SOAR Assembly (AM)

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2nd STEP Social Emotional Learning for Students

As many of you may know, the district is implementing a new social emotional learning program called Second Step. Social emotional learning is just as important as the academic learning students experience at school. The program is based on four main areas:

1. Skills for learning: Students gain skills to help themselves to learn including how to focus attention, listen carefully and use self-talk to stay on task.

2. Empathy: Students learn to identify and understand their own and others' feelings.

3. Emotion Management: Students learn specific skills for calming down when experiencing strong feelings such as anxiety and anger.

4. Problem Solving: Students learn a process for solving problems with others in a positive way.

During the school year, your child may bring home HOME LINKS that go with the lessons and activities learned in class. HOME LINKS are activities that can be completed at home with the family. It's a great way for you to understand what your child is learning and have important discussions at home about social interactions, feelings and solving problems.


Our annual Attendance Week is coming up soon the week of September 11th. Unless you're sick be sure to arrive to school on time. We've been very successful the past few years winning our attendance awards so let's continue that tradition.

Yes, I'll wear a Bears' t-shirt if we make it into the top 10 for Lake County. We've done it before and we can do it again! Go Packers! :)

SOARing at Townline

We're SOARing at Townline this year practicing SAFETY, taking OWNERSHIP of actions, having a great ATTITUDE and being RESPECTFUL! Use these words and language at home with this poster.
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