All about water

BY:Kate, Ashley, Rachel, and Mackenzie

Where does our water come from?

Even though the Earth is known to have vast amounts of water we are still running out of freshwater to use for our everyday lives. You may be confused and ask how out of all the large bodies of water on earth we still happen to be in a water conservation mode. Well, here's why our search for this water is such a dilemma. Out of all of the water in the world only 2.5 % is freshwater. Out of that 2.5% only 8% is put towards our household uses. Thats only .3125% of the world's freshwater running through the pipes in our houses, watering our grass, and wetting our toothbrushes! Where's the other 92% of the little amount of usable water going to? 70% of our freshwater goes towards agriculture and the other 22% goes towards industrialized construction. Swimming pools fall under the 22% used for industrialized construction. This is why the world should demolish water parks and ban the construction of personal swimming pools. We could decrease the amount of water going towards Industrialized Construction- which is the second largest percentage. Hopefully this will help digress the damage that we have been creating for the last 2000 years.

Want to purify water?

Main questions

~Did you know that Texas is on the brink of running out of water?

~What can be done to bring about individual and community based information?

~Where our Water comes from?

~When is the predicted time that we will run out of Water?

~How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global ecology (ecological impact around the city, Texas, and neighboring states or countries)

~Why should Texas water be conserved? and how?

Clean water vs. dirty water visual

When is the predicted time we may run out of water?

We are running out of water faster than we think. On March 20, two Texas cities have run out of water. For a while the city's only water source was a lake in the city but recently that has run out of water. This problem isn't just a problem of watering your plants or washing your car but rather on survival.

There isn't a lot of water in the state. Over 1,000 cities last year were put on a restricted water plan. Within those cities about 17 cities are in a lot of danger of completely running out of water within the next 6 months or maybe even less.

Many cities have to get there water delivered to them every single day because there is not enough in the city for everyone to have some water and even with the water brought to them everyone is on a strict limit.

This shows how little water we have and how most Texans don't even know that if we don't start saving now within 6 months to a year we could be completely out of water.

Many creatures live in the ocean. We wouldn't want to disturb their habitat. Imagine if they came and destroyed our homes.

How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global ecology?

Our daily water usage is impacting our local and global ecology because animals and species are all dying because of dirty water and bad habits with water. A study in 2011 showed that less birds migrated to Texas because of all the droughts we have been having. 100,000 people moved in to Texas in 2011 alone so the population keeps rising. We waste so much water and we don't even realize it! Think about leaving the water running when you brush your teeth, taking really long showers, leaky pipes, or maybe leaving the sprinkler systems on just too long. Water is running out and if we don't make a stop to it, water will continuously run out. Humans are made up of 75% of water. That is a huge chunk of water in our bodies so we need to maintain that 75% or we could die of dehydration. You cannot last more than a week without water. If we have a day where we don't waste water, we could save a whole lot. Globally, places like Louisiana and Mexico used to rely on us for water but they don't anymore. Texas needs to get their actions upon water together.

Are water parks worth the wasted water?

Sure water parks are very fun and enjoyable for the whole family, but doesn't it waste too much water? I enjoy them myself but now that I think about how much water is wasted that could go to the people who need it the most, I can live without it. Imagine shutting down more than half of the water parks in Texas, how much water would we save? A lot.

Why should Texas water be conserved and how?


Texas water should be conserved because of many reasons. Texas has a very dry, arid climate which means any water ids very precious. in order to keep the water from completely disappearing during dry spells, we must do our part to save it. ways to save include only using your fair share of water, aka only using exactly what you need, re-using water that isn't exactly dirty, and educating and informing people around you about the water issue. With all these efforts combined, the water issue can get better.

Ways we can fix the loss of water parks

Instead of each family having their own individual pool neighborhoods should have private pools that all the households on that street can share. An average pool has 15,000 gallons of water in it. If each neighborhood had at least 5 pools in it, the amount of saved gallons would be 60,000 gallons per neighborhood. Imagine how many neighborhoods there are in the entire world! We could save lots of water!