Left For Dead On The Sea Bed

By Matthew C.

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Why Shark Hunting should be illegal

People usally think sharks are the monsters and we should hunt them down and kill them to their death. I disagree and this is why.

Shark Finning

Every year millions of sharks die because of shark finning. Shark finning is when someone hacks of a sharks fin throws the sharks live body back into the ocean and lets the shark either die of starvation or get eaten alive by other sharks

Shark Fin Soup

Shark fin soup is a chinese traditional soup for special occations like wedding and big celebrations. One bowl can range from 100$ to 125$. The fins are mostly suplied by mafia like groups.


Some of the reasons for shark hunting is:

1. They do it for a food called shark fin soup and cut the sharks fin off

2. Most of the people do it beacause they are scared and they think by killing ALL of the sharks they will be gone.

3. Or they either do it for sport and then sell the sharks they killed.

Because of shark finning many species are almost extinct. Since 1907 several sharks species have gone down by almost 95%. The estimated amount of money made by shark fining ranges from 540 million to 1.2 billion dollars. For bigger types of sharks the price starts from 10,000$ to 20,000$ for only 1fin thats almost the price of a average car!
In Indonesa the Indonesa government sunk a vietnamese shark poaching boat.

Stopping It

Because of Yao Ming shark finning has gone down 50%. Cuba has also contributed to stop shark finning by lunching a mission that should stop all shark finning nd shark fin trading.
Isnt it sad that thousands of sharks are finned and thrown back into the ocean if you spread the words:"Stop Shark Finning" it might just save most of the sharks. In some schools teachers educate students about shark finning and how it should be stopped. Since 1972 Blacktip sharks have gone down by 93%, tiger sharks 97%, bull and hammer head sharks by 99%. And always remember to reject ahark fin soup, it might just help.