Vietnam War

By: Kyle Epperson

Richard Nixon

1. Richard Nixon created the thought of Vietnamization.

2. Started his presidency in 1969

3. Nixon wanted to lower troop numbers in Vietnam

4. It took Nixon 5 years to remove troops from Vietnam

5. Richard Nixon approved bombing of enemies in Vietnam.

Map of Vietnam at the End of the Paris - Accords

Richard Nixon Paragraphs

Richard Nixon was the President of the United States from January 20, 1969 - August 9, 1974. In Nixons presidency, he mainly addressed the need to remove his troops from Vietnam and return home, although this ended up taking 5 years to successfully remove all troops from Vietnam. Throughout his presidency he had his main goal, removing troops from Vietnam, but also had some other ideas as well such as reuniting the United States from instead of being Hawks and Doves, to just being one group of Americans.

Richard Nixon also liked the environment. He made an Environmental Protection Agency to preserve land in America. Something on the terms of war and the military, Nixon was mainly against the war but he also wanted it so that there was no draft to the military so in doing this he created an all-volunteer military system for the US. Richard Nixon also created a war on cancer by using 100 million dollars to fund cancer research. Richard Nixon lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years old so that people could vote at an earlier age.

Connections with Richard Nixon

1. The Kent State shooting were through Nixons actions of bombing. This created protests that led to the end of the Vietnam war.

2. Nixon created the attack on Laos and Cambodia.

3. The shooting at Jackson State was due to the strike on Cambodia.

4. The gulf of Tonkin resolution had to do with Nixon, Nixon didn't want this resolution but it was issued through congress overriding Nixons veto.