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Treatments and Drugs

If you have polio there are some treatments and drugs you could use to help you get better. You could try just resting in bed, pain relievers, use portable ventilators (to assist breathing) exercise (physical therapy) to prevent deformity and loss of muscle function.

Cause and spread

Polio is caused by the polio virus. To get the virus you have to be exposed to it. Some ways the virus is spread is by contaminated water, food, and direct contact with someone who has the virus.

Muscles weakened by polio

If you have/had polio there were many muscles that weakened. Some of the muscles are the shoulder muscles, muscles that straighten or bend your hip, or that spread or close legs, muscles that straighten knee, muscles that lift foot, thumb muscles, back muscles, or muscle behind the arms.


As many as 72% of susceptible people infected with polio have no symptoms.

In 1988, 120 countries had polio, and 71 were polio free.

Today there are 3 countries with polio, and 193 polio free.


If you think you may have polio, check if you have the symptoms. The symptoms are: a fever, headache, sore throat, vomiting, back, neck, and arm pain or stiffness, muscle weakness, and meningitis.

Allergic Reactions to the Vaccine

Inactivated Polio Virus (IPV) is 90% effective after 2 shots and 99% effective after 3. Sometimes people get allergic reactions to the vaccine. Signs that you might be allergic are: difficulty breathing, weakness, rapid heart rate, hives, dizziness, unusual paleness, and swelling of the throat.

When kids get the vaccine

Right now, most children in the United States receive four doses of IPV at these ages: two months, four months, eight-teen months, and between ages four and six (when children attend school)

Who invented the vaccine.

On March 26, 1953, American medical researcher, Dr. Jonas Salk announced on a national radio show that he has successfully tested a vaccine against polio. The vaccine was made in 1955.

Adults Getting the Vaccine

Not many adults get the polio vaccine. The reason why they don't get the vaccine is because they are already immune and the chances of catching the virus is very small.

History of the Vaccine

The vaccine was first tested in 1948. Scientists proved it worked in 1952. A year later, when they knew it worked, they started testing the vaccine children.

Kinds on Vaccines.

Dr. Jonas Salk made two kinds of vaccines. They both protect against polio. They are called Inactivated Polio Virus and Oral Polio Vaccine. Both have been given in the US since 2000.


Ever since they knew the polio vaccine works. They have been continuing the polio vaccination programs. The countries that still have polio are trying to find money to pay for the vaccines in their country


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