Natural Selection

Pesticide-resistant Insects

The History

We created pesticides because there was a great need for them in the farming industry. Farmers in the first place needed them do to insects and various small organisms getting into there crops and ruining them. But these organisms eventually developed a resistance and they did it pretty quickly in fact some did it in only one generation.

Pesticide Resistant Insects

After years of Farmers using these pesticides on there crops insects started to becoming immune to the pesticides they were using. They can adapt very quickly if you were to spray one insect with these chemicals the very next generation they reproduce might be resistant. Then from there those generation reproduce and so on until the entire population has this resistant gene or trait.

Four Necassary Requirements

The Future of The insects

Pesticide resistant Insects

This trait is rapidly spreading due to the the quick adaptation of these organisms and because they reproduce so quickly. I believe that farmers will eventually start making chemically different pesticides allowing them to combat these resistant insects.
12. Insecticide Resistance - Molecular Level