Week 18 Announcements

May your Winter Break be Merry!

Alert: Ms. A is out for the remainder of semester.

Working over Winter Break OR Extension

Students have been contacted regarding working over break, but if you feel that you need more time, please contact Ms. A. Also, an email will be coming from Rich Bartolowits, Distance Education Program Coordinator, regarding extensions. An extension lets you continue working into the next semester. If you are significantly behind or have extenuating circumstances, please apply.

Remaining Zeroes entered

Zeroes for all remaining assignments have been entered. Students should know where they stand for the semester, by checking PowerSchool! You are welcome to continue to submit work until the course deadline 12/17 at midnight.

Grades will be updated at end of Break

Since Ms. A will be gone until the end of the break, grades will NOT be updated until then. There is a feature in Canvas called the What If. It lets you enter grades to see what your score will rise to. You can use this to predict what your grade will be.

Thanks for a great semester! - Ms. A

Need Help? Contact Rich Bartolowits

Ms. A is out for the Semester! If you have an academic emergency, please contact Mr. Bartolowits, Distance Education Coordinator.