Animal Abandonment

Informational Writing

Chapter 1 | Animal Abandonment

The problem that is animal abandonment is one of the worst topics to talk about, considering how sad it can be to hear the stories. But animal abandonment is a very important topic that nobody thinks is a real world problem. I assure you, it's a major problem happening about every day of our lives. Many people are constantly helping this cause, yet, not many really know or help these amazing people. So, today I’m here to explain how these activist help our society in many ways.

Chapter 2 | Animal Shelters

Any normal person might think that animal shelters are safe, and they are. But not all are true to their name. Some shelters are not raising pets, but holding them there and waiting for them to die. It was recently discovered that a shelter in Ypsilanti, Michigan was selling sick and near dead animals to unsuspecting people, and as a result, this was made known to the public by the news. I know, this is a very sick thing to do. This is one of the reasons why Lou Wegner is working to stop this. Lou Wegner, as well as many others, are working hard to stop this cause about everyday of their lives. Lou works hard to take care of these animals, and he thinks if he does, it will make the world a better place, saying; “My passion and dreams are to inspire kindness and compassion to my generation. As kids, it is our responsibility to promote proper stewardship of our planet and all of its inhabitants through awareness, conservation and education. It is through these efforts that we can work together to make a difference for current and future generations.” But don’t think they got it covered. Every day, this happens, and they stop it. But not all things can be stopped. This is why we need people to help, so we can help the world like Lou and his friends.

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Chapter 3 | Bianca V.

Bianca V. is overall a great person and activist. Every day for about one and a half years, she goes and takes part in about 10 different animal shelters, fundraisers, and campaign programs. These programs cover animal shelters, abandonment, abuse, adoption, starvation, and many more. Even she thinks she's doing a great job, saying: “I really think we are making an impact in our community! I have learned SO MUCH from this experience and even though next year will be my last year with the club, I believe that Hearts for Animals will continue to run at our school and do even bigger and better things, truly leaving a legacy.” Bianca V. is currently living in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and no one currently knows her full name. To many, she is an idol, mentor, and great example to be an activist just because of the sheer amount of work she does to help animals. She also recently rose $1000 for her local shelter. This is a very amazing thing to do, even if she did this for only a year and a half, It's still astonishing to many people, including me.

Chapter 4 | A Quick Animal Activist Run Through (End)

Firstly, I wanna start with Ayna Agarwal She's a very well known activist who works with Patrick Pedraja. She was inspired at the age of 9 when she saw a puppy with a hurt leg, and another car ran over the helpless animal with no care. After this, she was determined to stop animal overpopulation, so things like this wouldn't have happened. In turn, she started ‘SPOT Globally’, an organization based on overpopulation. My second activist to share, which I've mentioned, is Lou Wegner. In 2009, Lou made the ‘Kids Against Animal Cruelty’ Facebook page. This page explains the importance and benefit of adopting, spaying, and neutering pets and animals to kids his age. He's very well known in his community, especially in shelters. The last activist I’d like to have you note is Faye Carey. She's an activist focused on rehoming abandoned dogs and a few kittens and cats. She is also very known in her community, and on Facebook, with her ‘Animal Re-home Waikato’ page. Each week, she posts pictures of dogs available for adoption on her Facebook page. As you can see, there are many people helping this cause almost every day. If you could, I would encourage you, reader, and others about this cause. The more help, the better lives are for animals, activist, and everyone.