Weekly Wrap

Omeish - Bair - Denton April 20th-April 24th

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Wednesday, May 20th, 9am

501 Maryland Street

Indianapolis, IN

It is official! We have all the chaperones we need for the field trip! Thank you parents for volunteering your time and money! We are getting excited! I will send out more detailed information as we get closer!

If you have not already sent money with your child, don't forget! The money is due next Friday, May 1st!


Wednesday, May 6th, 4:30-6:30pm

5330 Hornet Avenue Beech Grove, IN

Community Health Network Sports Physical Night

**All athletes participating in a summer athletic program at BGHS (volleyball, cross country, swimming, football, basketball--ALL SPORTS) must have a new physical on file in the BGHS athletic office before participating in the off season program. The cost for this event will be $20.00 and it is performed by certified trainers and doctors. You do not need to make an appointment. It is first come first serve.
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Beyond the Text!

Students in Mrs. Bair's room read an article about coral reefs. They then posed research questions that pushed their thinking beyond the text! They used Google Maps to explore under water live to see what the coral reefs looked like.
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Mrs. Bair Teaches Grammar!

The roles reversed again and Mrs. Bair taught prepositions to her homeroom this week! Students gave her a thumbs up! Way to go Mrs. Bair!
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Fling the Teacher!

Students had a great time playing a grammar game called, Fling the Teacher! (I wonder why?) They practiced identifying prepositions in this fun game!
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The second round of ISTEP will begin for the sixth graders at South Grove on Monday, April 27th! Students will test in the morning Monday through Thursday for two weeks! Please help your child be successful by encouraging them, making sure they get plenty of sleep, and making sure they are here! :) We know that they will do well!
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Student of the Month

Congratulations to Arianna Hererra! She is student of the month in Mrs. Omeish's room because she is always kind, hardworking, and responsible! Way to go being a model student! We're proud of you!
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Picture This!

Students have been creating pictures of how they picture the setting for our novel, Holes. They identified the specific text from the novel, imagery, that inspired each picture! Great job students!
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Thank You!

We are so thankful that we have Mrs. Johnson's help in the afternoons! She really helps to make each day better! Students love it when Mrs. Johnson gets to pull small groups to help them understand the material better!
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LEAD Project

Students in LEAD have been working on their State project. Each student was assigned a state. He/She had to pick a state, research, and then create a brochure about his/her state! We have been putting states on our bucket list of where we need to visit!