Boston Bombing

By: Ella Lofton

A Poem for Dzhoknar Tsarnaev

You don't know what it is like to feel

pity one moment and not the next

You did not know that things could

change so quickly did you?

You did not know how many lives

you could take?

You do not know how to take

sense of this massive happening.

You just don't know how to

believe anyone anymore.

I just don't know how you can

live with yourself anymore?

Boston Bombing Research Essay

It was a Monday, April 15th to be exact, when two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finishline. This tragic incident injured over 140 and killed 32, including children. The first bomb went off just before the finish line, some people thought it was a celebration cannon blast at first but then realized it was not. The second bomb went off and everyone started screaming and trying to run away. All you could hear was sirens, screaming and crying. Alot of people are missing legs or parts of legs or even both their legs.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev was one of the main bombers. They were not planning on targeting that event until one to two days before the event. They were going to plan on bombing a big event on July 4th but their bombs were "ready" early. Tsarnaev did die and the result how is still not released. The two bombers were brothers from Russia.

The Boston Marathon was honoring all of the victims from Newton, Conneticut. It's sickening to know that their are such horrible people out in our world and even our country. They built the bombs with things that you could find in your kitchen and ironically they also built the bombs in his kitchen. His wife who is a police officer did not even now that this was happening and when it all happend it was a complete shock to her. There are so many questions we could all ask but there is just not enough answers. "We still don't know who did this or why, Make no mistake: We will get to the bottom of this(Obama, Boston Marathon kills 3, injuries over 140)." They are still working to completely solve this case currently.

Personal Narrative

For years i have been training to compete in one of the biggest marathons in the world. Its crazy to think i made it . Finally after all of the hard work and dedication , my dreams came true. I succeeded. All i have to do is cross the finish line, which should be easy for me.

As I'm almost to the start of the race i think to myself "Wow! This is it! I'm here! All i have to do is finish! Just cross the line!" They shoot the starting gun my heart is in my stomach everyone starts slowly jogging trying to keep a constant comfortable speed. My family is at the finish line waiting to see me cross the finish line, supporting their mother and wife. All I can think of is my children's smile as I cross that finish line. Listening to my footsteps i doze of into my thoughts. Before I knew it I was almost to the end only 2 more miles. I breathed of relief. I was so excited to cross the line. "My children are going to be so proud of their mother, finally." I thought to myself.

This is IT! I see my children's smiles and my husband's. I wave and yell their name they see me and start laughing and jumping. BOOM! I fell to the ground i cant see anything the air is filled with grey dust. I'm bleeding, I cant feel my legs. I start crying. I hear all the children's cries for their mothers and think is my family OKAY? Are they alive? Hear comes the ambulances... Do they see me? As I'm slowly vision, someone helps me into the ambulance. They take me to the closest hospital. Their were so many patients. I cant see my children or husband, I do not know where they are. I fall asleep on the bed. Two days i wake up to my husband and children sitting next to my bed. They are okay! I thought to myself and all the wounds they had were little scratches.

So much was lifted off my shoulders when i awoke to my family. Except in the back of my mind all i could think about was I never crossed the line my dreams did not come true. Except for one thing I can't feel my legs..I look and their is nothing their my legs are gone... Who would do this? All the people that are gone and injured? What about their families? Why was I so lucky? I should be dead? All of these questions are constantly going through my head. I'm so lucky. I'm grateful for everything i still have and that I'm still alive. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the victims.