By Josiah Richmond

Carnivores are common but carnivores that are dinosaurs are even more common. There are many dinosaurs that carnivores and these are three of them.

To begin with t-rex's are common. They have sharp teeth to tear through meat. They also have long legs to run and catch prey. The t-rex arms are useless to have because they can't do anything with them. T-Rex arms are useless because they are short and cant reach anything.

A giganotosaurus is not a common dinosaur. Giganotosaurus is a holotype species. The giganotosaurus lived 99.6 to 7 million years ago. Giganotosaurus in genus of carcharodontosaurid. Its name means giant southern lizard.

A ceratosaurus is not a common dinosaur either but it is a carnivore. A ceratosaurus has long legs also for catching prey. Its tail is long and has small horns on its head. Also its name means horned lizard.

Theres many carnivores that are dinosaurs. This is only a few.

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