All you need to know...and more.

What is going on around here? 12/14-12/20

We are outta here!!

But only for a few weeks.

You can do this! In fact, you need to do this.

Remember that here, at Shine, we are taking a different mindset towards reaching and enriching a Healthy Life Style. We want to think in terms of training and nutrition- not diet and exercise. We are helping build athletes for LIFE- not just the here and now. That requires that you take the best possible care of your body as you can within each phase or season of your life.

We have been working out like fiends for the last almost 50 weeks. It is time to start the 6th phase of training- which for most of us might be the most difficult training season yet. We are entering the rest and restore phase.

It will require more mental toughness than all the other seasons combined. We know what a POWERFUL muscle the mind is. It can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy. This phase is designed to build up that muscle so that when we come back next year, we are healthier physically and stronger mentally. With the 2 of those things in your favor- you can do almost anything.

Amy handed out a packet that explains (not justifies) not only what the plan is for the next 3 weeks, but who, what, why, where and HOW. If you did not receive a packet- please let me know and I will get one to you quickly.

We understand that we are taking a risk in asking you to follow us down this uncharted path (for us at Shine anyway). Some of you may not be able to fully "throw your hat into the ring" over this seasonal training concept and may consequently choose to go a different direction in terms of workout facilities. That would make me very sad, but I would understand that as much as I KNOW this is what is right for our bodies at this time- I absolutely can not force anyone to follow.

Please consider the fact that there has been MUCH prayer, thought, research and study over this program- from the very beginning back in January of last year all the way up to the present.

We fully understand and believe that there is much to be gained by forging our own path and not following the worlds idea of health, fitness, priorities and value. We is essence are "taking the road less traveled" and I have faith that "it will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE".

There- I'm done preaching.

Bottom line's your life. We are just here to provide opportunities, friendship, support and information. We feel honored to be able to do that.

As the owner and founder of Shine- I just have to let you know how grateful I am for your continued support at Shine. There would not be a SHINE without you. You have come to 6 AM classes, with a smile on your face and done what is asked of you. You've hiked mountains, jumped off diving boards and have even been willing to get a pic or two...or three...or... taken with us

It has been a year of many changes- and next year is sure to bring even more. Although I am so very excited about what the future holds for us, I can't help but be a little nostalgic over what we've accomplished together these last 7+ years. What a ride.

The best is yet to come.

But as a friend- I want you to know that each and every one of you has lifted my spirits, given me strength when i had nothing left to give, let me cry on your shoulder, forgiven my mistakes, inspired me with your gifts and abilities and allowed me to I will never be able to repay that kindness. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Indeed, when I think of heart smiles.

Thank you for that.

As we go into 2016, I hope that we will be willing to try new things, set new goals and allow ourselves and the others around us to SHINE.

Just like all the beautiful Christmas lights we see around town...We all SHINE differently. One does not detract from the other. Each adds their own individual light- and together it creates an environment nothing short of SPECTACULAR! How beautiful is that?

Enjoy the time with your family and loved ones.

Read a book.

Eat a cookie.

Hold a hand.

Remember the "Reason for the Season"- and it has NOTHING to do with money, guilt or burpees.

It has EVERYTHING to do with forgiveness, acceptance and LOVE.

You were BORN TO SHINE. Get out there and..."LIGHT IT UP"

I'll be in touch.


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News and things like that

December Birthdays:

Allison Simmons 12/5


Dec 22nd, 7:00 PM- Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun Run/Walk for Charity (see below)

January 4-9th- WINTER class PREVIEW WEEK!

Please invite friends to join you for a week of FREE classes.

Shine Fitness will be sponsoring a week of FREE classes to preview for our Winter Season. These classes are gonna be dynooomite with new formats, new instructors and...A NEW GYM!!!!

All the pricing, scheduling, definitions, information, etc will be coming out next week. So PRETTY PLEASE invite your friends to come and check us out. Forward, Share, E-mail, Coerce, whatever means it requires to get them through the door.

January 7th: Shine January birthday lunch!

Come and celebrate our friends who were born in the cold month of January.

Details will follow.

Otherwise Important Info:

At my new place on Meridian there will be dance classes offered as well through an awesome company called "Inspired Dance".

To make a long story short- Amy Merrill and her dance company were sent to Shine for a reason. She is where she needs to be.

Her dance classes encourage girls to love their bodies and appreciate how they move without having to sacrifice anything.

Her motto is modest dance, modest music, modest clothing ALL at a modest price.

Check her flier out and let either one of us know if you are interested.


This seems to be the class that never ends. I am sooo sorry about that. I am working on it.

Over the holidays, I will be getting the girls together for one last workout for the year and then we will have a BIG PARTY. We will be inviting all the girls who came this summer as well.

We are gonna end 2015 with a bang.

I will get the info to you as soon as I can work out the logistics.

Thanks for your patience on this.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Run is coming up. See flyer for details.

Get out your tinsel, glitter and some glue and turn that decent item of clothing into a hideous piece of artwork that only a mother could love.

We would LOVE to see you there.

Invite friends and come and join us rain, snow or SHINE.

Heck- even my dog has a sweater and is ready to go.

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This next year is going to hold a plethora of amazing, educational and motivational classes offered through Shine Bright.

Our "Empowerment" series is meant to do just that. Empower you with knowledge.

By offering information and education on a variety of subjects and topics from parenting to ethnic cooking and everything in between- we will enable ourselves to see that world around us a little differently and thus make choices that enrich our lives instead of add more stress.

Come and see what we have to offer.

In January, Kayla Rich will be offering 2 separate classes. One on organization and one on creating a vision board. More info to follow.

If there is a class or meeting that you would like to teach, please contact Diana Bird for details. We welcome the idea of providing a forum wherein you can teach what you are passionate about- which in turn allows you to SHINE.

Stay tuned for a year chalked full of EMPOWERMENT.

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Move over SHINE ON- Now there is something meatier...bad reference huh?

Now there is something...NEW and IMPROVED.

From here on out SHINE ON will now be referred to as SHINE 365. Where our motto is..."Hardcore Balance". Why? Because we are HARD CORE about being BALANCED!

Lexy and Carman have been working their buns off putting this new and MUCH improved program together. Come and see what all the fuss is about.

Flyer with all the details is coming soon.

This week at SHINE 365...

In our weekly meeting that happened just yesterday-we talked about the power of believing.

In order to shed some weight, we have to deal with our core beliefs.

Do we believe we can shed weight?

Do we believe we can keep it off once we do it?

Do we believe we will ever have the concept down?

And so on.

Lots of great ideas and feelings were shared.

Oh yeah and 10 pounds were shed. And that's over the holidays!

We are on a roll. Bad reference again huh? Ugh.

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Nothing new here to report.

I am currently working on a class schedule that will not only knock your socks off, but it will kick your buns and make you ask for more. (I've always wanted to say that)

We have new instructors, new class times and new class formats.

One that I am most excited about is our SPECIAL FORCES FIT CAMP led by Courtney Hinson (Carmans husband).

He is one tough guy and is going help get us in shape mentally and physically. This camp will be offered 3 days a week for 2 week increments.

It is not considered one of SHINE FITNESS' classes so it will not fall under the unlimited class pass. This is a separate deal as he is contracting to work for Shine. So his pricing sheet will be with all the other info you receive. Watch for it.

It would be an awesome class to take yourself and/or get your husband or teenagers to take as well.

It will change how you think about yourself and what you are capable of.

Don't be scared...just rise to the occasion.

We also have CHILD CARE!!! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP??

Now there is absolutely NO REASON why anyone shouldn't be a part of SHINE FITNESS.

We have it all.

The details are coming, but I would suggest to rest up, hydrate yourself and mentally prepare for a year unlike any other.

This next year will be what you make it.

So "RISE" like the sun, and "SHINE"

"RISE and SHINE"- 2016.

It's quite catchy isn't it?

Have a great week!

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