Invasive Species in Fiji

By: Matt Blaisdell

Invasive Species

The Invasive species are exotic, establish easily, grow quickly, and spread rapidly. They are spread mostly through people being carelessly in imported goods. The invasive species can also be carried from goods such as fruits and plants. The Invasive species are animals that are carried over then using most of the resources in their area causing an extinction depending on how severe their mass feeding or destruction of anothers habitat. "non-native plants and animals from other parts of the world--are a threat to our native wildlife and ecosystems. The growing number of non-native invaders is causing ecological havoc in many of our most sensitive habitats, and pushing many of our native plants and animals to the brink of extinction."(

Solutions to invasive species

"We can stop the entry of invasive species. Real solutions based on good science are available, and they have bipartisan support. The best way to stop potential or already-invasive species is to block them from coming into the country in the first place. That means paying closer attention to the major pathways of introduction: the global shipping industry and legal, intentional imports of live plants and animals. But the United States lacks an effective system to limit these means of entry. We know how to prevent invasive species and we know that this is cost-effective for the nation. Now we need dramatic reforms in federal policy to accomplish this. The impacts of invasive species go well beyond a local site or single state. Countless expert reports from public and private groups have brought attention to these impacts and called for federal action to address invasive species problems. To date, progress has been woefully inadequate. However, there are opportunities to act:"( The Invasive species problem seems to be difficult to deal with and getting rid of them once they are there is also difficult because you'll never know if there are more left in the are to expand upon.

My thoughts on invasive species

Invasive species should be warned of and should not be transported in environments they do not belong in destroying habitats and almost killing a whole population of some animals. The fact that the original animals are being moved out and killed from their original place does not seem right.