Consumer Bill of Rights

Rights to Saftey

If a company's product causes harm to it consumers the company gets immediate notification and recalls the product to fix the problem. Let's say you have yogurt and you leave it out in your car in 100 degree whether, that would be your fault you wouldn't be able to sue the company. Also, if your using a hair straightener and it starts to spark that would be the company fault as long as you are using it properly.

Right to Be Informed

The company needs to provide enough truthful information for the consumer to make the right choice on their buy. If the company doesn't put down its ingredients and you are allergic to something that would be the companies fault. If they did put down the ingredients and didn't take the time to read the ingredients and you get a reaction it would be your fault.

Right to Choose

The product needs to provide enough variety of choices from multiple different companies. The federal government has tried multiple times to ensure a healty environment. You have the chose to choose which store you can go to, so not everyone is going to that same store. The same with restraunts.

Right to Be Heard

If the consumer has a complaint or concern about the product they have the ability to provide the company with what was wrong the product. If you bought a bed set to build yourself and some parts were missing, and then you would be able to send a complaint. After you open the bed set and everything was in it and you lost the parts it would be your fault.

Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

The consumer should have the right to acess the essential goods. Such as food, clothing, shelter, etc. Such as, Salvation Army when hurricanes or environmental disasters happen they provide food and shelter for the people in need. Also, like Cedar Valley friends of the family they protect women and children that have been hurt or anyone that needs a home.

Right to Redress

If the consumer is un satisfied with the product they are able set out a claim/complaint to the company. You go out to eat and you order a steak and you say you want it cooked well done, and they give it to you raw. You have the right to ask them to make you another steak.

Right to Consumer Education

The consumer needs to be able to know what they can or can't do with the product. Also, all the instructions that they need to use the item. If you got a package of macaroni and cheese, and it didn't have the instructions on the box and you didn't know how to make it that would be the company's fault.

Right to a Healthy Enviroment

Each generation is able to live and work in a non-threatening enviroment. Such as, recycling it helps the earth and makes the enviroment better. Also, you don't want to smoke or do bad drugs.