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Team Villarreal - February Lovin'!

Isn't she lovely?

I think Stevie Wonder was talking about you!

This is a fabulous month for all things Stella & Dot.

The weather is getting better, our wardrobe with all that color...much cuter and people want to be out and about looking pretty...and isn't that what our business is all about?

Keep focus on your goals and what keeps you motivated and inspired.

Use the February Words to Say found in the Sylist Lounge as well as the February Monthly Plan so you have all the tools necessary to book and sponsor! I know you will rock it!

Eye on the Prize

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Plan for Success

Level 1, 2, 3...5? What is your goal? Work on a plan and achieve it!

Hoopla 2013

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Viva Las Vegas!

Early Bird Sign Up gets you $300 in free accessories! They will give them to you just in time for the Fall Line! This is a business changer! Register NOW!

Elvis said it best....a thank you very much!

Sprinkle Some Sales Challenge!

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This is for you, cupcake.

If you sell $500 dlls by February 14th, you will enter the draw for a delicious box of Sprinkles Cupcakes! Red Velvet? Coconut Vanilla? Yum!

Share your 2013 Goals Incentive

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Congratulations Daphne Holmes for winning a pack of minis because you shared your 2013 goals with me, you also get an extra pack for attending bootcamp! Wasn't Danielle fantastic?

The Stylist 500 Challenge Results

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Congratulations Sandra Mercado on winning a fabulous pair of earrings!

$4,525 dlls in sales! You are amazing!

January Challenge

Sell 500 PCV ($770 retail) = Get a 2013 Planbook. Perfect for booking shows!

Sandra Mercado

Sell 1500 PCV ($2,308) = Get a 2013 Planbook + Booking and Sponsoring DVD's (2)

Sandra Mercado

Sponsor 1 Qualified Stylist = Get a pack of Hostess Opportunity Guides

Daphne Holmes, congratulations on your new Stylist Monica! Help her get qualified by the 15th of February and this prize is are awesome!

Sponsor 2 Qualified Stylists = Get a pack of Hostess Guides + 5 Guideazines!

New Stylists

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Congratulations Monica Barnes on joining Stella & Dot! We are so excited to have you! Daphne is a fantastic sponsor, and you will have a blast!

New Stylist Training Calls

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New Stylist Training In Person

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All Stylist Bootcamp Training Early March..Stay Tuned!

And Remember...

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