Grade 5 Newsletter

March 15th - March 19th, 2015

Unit of Inquiry - How we express ourselves

This week we started our new unit of inquiry; how we express ourselves. Students will be exploring different forms of performing arts. For the pre-assessment, students created a class rubric of criteria to be evaluated during a performance. That rubric was used in the students' own mini-presentations on how to "sell a banana." More information about the unit has been sent home as an email.


This week students had the opportunity to develop their spacial skills using a protractor and compass in class. The students will be exploring angle measures as well as using a protractor and compass. We will also explore different kinds of triangles, such as isosceles, scalene, and equilateral


Thank you to all the parents who came for the information session for the exhibition last week. Students had another exciting week of collaborative work, creating rubrics and working in their groups to create lines of inquiry and essential agreements. Each student has a weekly check list to help keep them on track.

Below is a list of the exhibition topics this year. Parents, if you feel you can contribute to a topic in any way, please let any of the Grade 5 teachers know.








Pollution / Pollution in the Deserts


Reading Books

Extinct Animals

Human Rights


Alternative sources of oil

World peace/ stop war


Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone. – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We have completed our narrative writing assessments and have started looking at what is poetry. This unit goes perfectly with our current unit of inquiry, as writing poetry enables our young writers to convey feelings and experiences and to select word choices and poetic devices that best express themselves.

Head Challenge and Other Classroom news

The next Heads challenge is linked to book week. In the last week of this term, we would like as many students as possible to submit a photograph of themselves or other family members reading in strange places. We will put these on display during book week. In addition the next assembly on 31st March will be a character dress up day and students, staff and parents are invited to attend our morning assembly and dress up as their favourite book character.

World Scholar Cup Recognition

A special congratulations to the Grade 5 students who participated in the World Scholars cup Doha round. Well done for being risk-takers and thinkers!


Students have been asked to start collecting research towards their lines of inquiry. They have been given a checklist which includes a weekly reflection. Students are asked to bring their complete work to our Thursday Exhibition session .