Eagleville Elementary-Eagles Nest

Dr. Harmer Principal 4/17/20

Eaglevile Weekly Update from Dr. Harmer

Hello Eagleville Families,

So I would like to try something to connect our families a little bit more moving forward. Please send me a short video (No longer than 30 seconds) saying hello from your family, or share a photograph with me of some cool stay at home family activity. It would be great to keep our connections as an Eagleville Family. Please enjoy a few pictures of the Harmer's at home to get the ball rolling. Email at kharmer@methacton.org


Our curriculum department shared a document explaining the pass/fail guidelines for the 4th marking period. You can click on the PDF form below.

A Few Important Reminders:

1. Students should mark themselves present in the Google Classrooms every school day before noon. Click the link for directions here.

2. Reach out to your teachers if you need assistance. Their office hours are posted in the Google Classrooms.

3. Make sure you join the special area Google Classrooms also. The class codes are below:

Kindergarten: fhj4mk3

First Grade: fptekeo

Second Grade: edrnzyp

Third Grade: ojeu4iv

Fourth Grade: qnabu6c

Please continue to be safe! I can certainly share that we all miss the students, and the joy they brought to Eagleville every day.

Important-Teacher Feedback Notifications Through Student Google Accounts

Technology has changed the settings on student email accounts. Students will now receive an email that prompts them when an assignment is returned or feedback is provided. Only emails that are sent by the Google Classroom domain will be permitted. I am making parents/guardians aware so that you can assist child(ren) with monitoring their email.

Pass-Fail Communication

24 Math Problems of the Week

Math 24 is a mental math game that challenges you to use the 4 numbers on the card using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (Not necessarily all four operations every card) to get to 24. Your solution must use all 4 numbers and have three steps. You can only use the numbers once! For example:

Four numbers are 7, 1, 1, and 4.

Solution: Always give last step first: 6 x 4=24

Step One: 7 -1 =6

Step Two: 4 x 1 =4

Final Step: 6 x 4 =24


So now that you know how to play, try the number combinations below, remember there are usually many different paths to get to 24:

First Card 9,5,1, & 5

Second Card 3, 5, 3, & 6

Third Card 7, 4, 5, & 2

Big picture

Stay Safe at Home-Harmer's

Big picture

School Counselor News-Individual Counseling Sessions

Virtual Counseling
As we continue to attend school in a virtual environment, your child may be experiencing many different feelings based on this new situation. Some may be excited about embracing this new opportunity through use of technology and learning at their own pace while others may be experiencing feelings of stress, confusion or isolation. Services are available to support your child and family based on your individual needs.

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions may be helpful if your child is feeling sad, confused or overwhelmed and just needs someone to talk to. During the session, we will explore feelings, set a plan to resolve and develop a goal to meet resolution. To schedule, email LShaw@methacton.org with your concerns along with parental consent. I will email back a scheduled zoom meeting time and link. If the time is inconvenient, I will do my best to accommodate a better time.
When logging in to Zoom please be mindful of the following guidelines:
Parents will be required to follow the MSD guidelines of allowing their children to participate including emailing permission to LShaw@methacton.org (can be completed at time of request)
Zoom session will begin promptly and last 15 minutes. Additional time may be scheduled if necessary.
There will be no recording or screen shots permitted.
Please be mindful of your surroundings to do your best to set up an area to avoid being interrupted or disturbed.

Mrs. Cramer-School Nurse Office Hours