Gateway Arch

St.Louis, Missouri

The Gateway Arch is the biggest arch in the world .!.!

It weights approximately 43,000 tons !!! The height of it is 630 feet tall !!!

Now some more information about the Arch

Why is the St.Louis Arch all that ? So, when and where was it made?Also How was it made? What about all of the visitors? These are all questions that will be answered in this article on the St. Louis Arch.

The St. Louis Arch started it's contstruction February 12, 1963. They finally finished it three years later on October 28, 1965. Right now it is located at Memorial Drive, St. Louis, Missouri. The man in charge was Euro Saarinen. The structural engineer was Servird Associates, the company that helped build it.

The St. Louis arch was built because Thomas Jefferson and all the other pilgrims crossed the Gateway in St. Louis. The whole thing cost them approximately 13 million dollars. It weighs about 43,000 tons, and it's shape is called the Carenary Curve. People all around the world visit it and see the classic shape of this memorable landmark.

The visitor center wasn't opened until June 1967, and the Odessey giant screen was not open until March 1993. The capsules in the St. Louis arch that bring you up to the top go about 340 feet per minute. After that, In the St. Louis arch there are about 1076 steps which visitors cannot go up.

While that might be seen as a cool fact, others may find it to be less interesting than these facts. The St. Louis arch is the world's largest arch, it goes up to about 630 feet. Also, the Mississippi River is located directly under it.

And while it is very close, the St. Louis arch doesn't sit exactly north and south, because it's about 18° off.

Now to wrap thing. The St. Louis Arch was started in1963. It was also built because of Thomas Jefferson and the Pilgrims. The pilgrims weren't the only ones to visit. Some people have different views on how it affects Missouri, but one thing is for sure; it definitely brings in tourists.

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