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Februrary 19, 2016

Volume 3, Number 25


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What's happening, WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Frank Bumgardner to Mike MacOwen for reminding me how to remain who I am as a person while being a positive educator. BE THERE! CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE!

From Angela Bontrager to Tom Dickerson...Since the first teacher day of this school year Tom is always there to see how my day is going, see if I need anything, or just to talk. Even if he had a list of things to do he always makes sure to stop in and say hi in the morning. He truly cares about the kids and I see it every day. MAKE THEIR DAY! BE THERE!

Daily Objectives:

Are you still posting your daily objective on a regular and consistent basis? What are students to be learning in your class that day?

Wawasee Middle School Drama Troupe

The Hysterical History of Troy will be presented by our Wawasee Middle School drama troupe next Friday, February 26th at 6:30 PM. This is a free performance, but donations to the drama program will be accepted. It's Spartans vs. Trojans in this wacky play complete with Greek Gods, sword fights, blind Homer and his Homerettes, and true love.

Fans of the Night at the 6th Grade Girl's Game

A thanks to Mr. Wilson for BEing THERE and PLAYing!

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February 19-End of Trimester 2

February 22-Weather Make-Up Day! NO SCHOOL!

February 23-Teacher Work Day, No students! GRADES DUE 3:30 pm

February 24-IDOE Observation

February 26-Drama Troupe presents The Hysterical History of Troy at 6:30 pm


Wednesday, February 24-"We're All in this Together" - Twin Day

Thursday, February 25-"Get Your Head in the Game"-Wear College or Warrior gear

Friday, February 26-rest for the test - sweats day


Schedule Overview

Monday, February 29, will be Math

Tuesday, March 2, will be ELA Session 1

Thursday, March 3, ELA Session 2a/2b (1/2 of the students)

Friday, March 4, ELA Session 2a/2b (1/2 of the students)

Monday, March 7 will be 6th grade Science and 7th grade Social Studies

--------Students will test with their content tested teacher. We will not have Warrior Time on any of these days and Homeroom will be shorter. Please plan accordingly. We need that time to add to all the class periods for a testing buffer. No testing Wednesday because of Smart Start schedule. The specific schedule with periods and times will be shared as soon as we finalize it.


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February 28 Sandra Pierce

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

February 24-Department/ISTEP Testing Manual preparation

March 2-Syllabus Writing and Planning for next year

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Writing Prompt:

What makes you smile/happy?

From the Desk of .sJ

A Good Read:

I came across my first thoughts for .sJ. As I think about technology and as I help prepare for ISTEP season, I thought it would be good to share again.

As schools, students, and teachers continue to implement more and more technology in the classroom, we sometimes miss the trees through the forest. I was reading the article Technology as a Tool to Support Instruction by Lynn Schrum posted on eductionworld.com. In the section titled 'Technology as a Tool' I found these words particularly interesting:

"In a technology-rich classroom, students don't "learn" technology. Technology merely provides the tools to be used for authentic learning. It is a means, not an end. Technology provides educators with the opportunity to move from simply streamlining the way things have always been done to really imagining things they would like to do. What a wonderful opportunity!"

School Safety #10

Please discuss what you would do during team meeting and work together on what would be a good plan for you and your students. This is not an opportunity to talk about "what-if's" or complaints, it is a serious reflection of "what you would do" if presented with the scenario:

It is a wonderful spring day. You have an activity planned on the sidewalks at the south end of the school. Things are going great. Students are cheering your name, chanting the objective learned for the day, and begging for more opportunities to embrace the next challenge (this you can tell because all students eyes are fixed on your next move while they are silent). A few of the individuals who came from the parking lot and have moved towards the building, have praised you for your efforts. But, its time to go for the day. You and the student’s gather up the tools for learning and head to the doors. You notice that a door is propped open, and you did not do it. What do you do?

Remember to log discussion of School Safety responses in your team meeting minutes.

Have a great weekend,

Shawn J

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