Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet Review

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Is there anything more frustrating than losing or misplacing your wallet, keys, or phone?. It is frustrating because these items do not have anything (like an alarm system) to help you locate them. If you're among those forgetful people that will lose their keys or misplace the TV remote now and then, there is good news for you. Louis-Blanc Smart-Wallet is a new product that comes with an intelligent in-built warning system so that you will never forget it or your phone.

While it sounds hard to believe, this smart wallet actually works, and many people from across the world are already using it. We looked at its features, its design, uses, and what people are saying about it and put together this in-depth Louis-Blanc Smart-Wallet review. Read through to find out why you should order the product today.

What's Louis-Blanc Smart-Wallet?

This is an exceptionally-designed 100% cowhide wallet that comes with a variety of safety features that will not only secure your money, as well as debit/credit cards but a raft of other things, including your phone. The wallet is designed to be light and portable. It has lots of storage pockets for your essential IDs, cash, and cards.

While standard wallets will hold your cash and money safely in the pocket or bag, this smart-wallet takes the security a notch higher. The wallet comes with a Two-Way Ant-Loss system between your smartphone and the wallet to see to it that neither item is left behind. It also has an innovative and unique location record function. The Louis-Blanc SmartWallet is a perfect mix of modern functionality and a classic, practical design that provides substance without sacrificing quality and style.

Why Do I Need the LouisBlanc SmartWallet?

With this wallet, you are never going to lose your cash, cards, keys, or phone. The features that the wallet comes with won’t allow you to. The two-way anti-loss system will always alert you once you forget the wallet. And even if you do lose your wallet or phone, the Location Record feature will give you the last location of what you are looking for.

Another key feature that many users have found amazing is the blocking system. When you lose the wallet, the system will lock the wallet so that thieves can’t get to your IDs, cards, or cash. There is also a tracking system that will help you to locate the wallet easily.

The smartwallet is 100% compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can easily and quickly connect it to your smartphone. Once connected, you can then set the wallet to send you an alarm when you forget it or when it has been stolen. The in-built GPS tracker will help you know location of the smart wallet so you can retrieve it as soon as possible.

These are just some of the many ways the LouisBlanc SmartWallet will help you secure your cash, cards, IDs, phone, and many other things. Get it today and start enjoying the benefits.

Louis-Blanc SmartWallet Rating and Benefits

Search Smart Wallets on Google, and you will see that there are hundreds of them on the market today. However, when shopping for this sort of item, it all comes down to quality and efficiency. You see, these days, finding a product that works just as the manufacturer promises can be quite an uphill. We compared the performance of Louis-Blanc SmartWallet to that of another similar product just to be sure the device really works.

While both products worked just right, the usability of the other production was a bit challenging. Again, Louis Blanc Smart-Watch had some features that the other product lacked, for instance, the two-way anti-loss feature. We promptly noticed that all the features of the wallet perform as the manufacturer promises.

The fact that wallet is compatible with iOS and Android devices makes it easy to use. You only need to download “Bseek App” from the App Store or Google Play. Connect the wallet to your smartphone through Bluetooth so that the alarm triggering system is connected. The alarm goes off when the wallet and your phone get more than 10meters apart.

Some advantages that come with using LouisBlanc SmartWallet include:

  • It eliminates the fear items, i.e your wallet, keys, cards, IDs or phone
  • You can quickly retrieve the wallet or your phone when it gets lost
  • It is lightweight and made from 100% cowhide, making it portable and durable
  • Its blocking system makes sure thieves don’t get your money
  • It has a long battery life, upto 1month on a single charge

LouisBlanc SmartWallet Key Features

Compatibility with Android and iOS

This feature makes it easy to use the wallet. Just download and install the Bseek App and connect the wallet to your smartphone. Once this is done, you are good to go. You will never leave the wallet or your phone behind.

Two-Way Anti-Loss System

When you have connected the wallet to your phone, this feature comes in handy to prevent you from forgetting or losing your items. If the distance between the wallet and your smartphone becomes more than 10 meters, the alarm goes off, so you know you have forgotten something.

Location Record Functionality

Once you have installed the Bseek App, it will always record your location. So in case, you lose your phone or wallet, the application will tell you the last location of the item. This function works together with the in-built GPS tracker to ensure that you retrieve your lost items.


This feature prevents strangers from accessing items stored in the wallet once it gets lost. It automatically blocks the system so that your cash, credit/debit cards are safe in the wallet. LouisBlanc SmartWallet also comes with an in-built high-capacity power bank. The device’s battery can last upto 1month on a single charge.

LouisBlanc SmartWallet Reviews

A lot of people from across the world are already using this product. Going by the reviews available online, customers are finding it an amazing product. One happy customer says, “This is such an amazing product. It has made my workouts better. I recommend it!” It appears, therefore, that this is one of best smart wallets you can find on the shelves today. Why not get yours today?

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Get this exceptional smear wallet by visiting the manufacturer’s website. All new customers get a 50% discount on every order placed plus free shipping. This is, however, a limited offer. You can also contact the company through +44 20 3808 9234 or send them an email via support@techxsv.com.