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Acton Weekly Update: 8/4/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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Nuts and Bolts

Field Trips: As stated in the handbook all field trips forms need to be turned in by Sept. 30th unless other arrangements are worked out. Sarah will immediately turn in forms to transporation. However, transportation needs to know September and October field trips no later than

Friday, August 25th and September 22nd.


Please be aware of field trips that other grade levels may be taking. We don't want students doing the same thing every year. Try to avoid duplicating too much. Last year, students attended the following field trips along with the total cost (transportation and admission).

  • Kindergarten: Tuttles Orchard, Clowes Hall and Indy Zoo= $2615
  • First Grade: Kelsey Farms, Garfield Park, Central Library = $1338.78
  • Second Grade : Clowes Hall and NIFS= $1382.00
  • Third Grade: Benjamin Harrison Home, NIFS, Central Library= $1181.39
  • Fourth Grade: Connor Prairie, IN State Museum/IMAX, Benjamin Harrison Home, Indy Zoo= $1934.15
  • Fifth Grade:IRT, Biz Town and Indianapolis Symphony =$2504.00

Radios-please remember these are for AM/ PM duties, recess duties and emergencies only. Please do not let it replace a phone call or email. Keep them off and on the charger while you are in your classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction

Morning Meeting Hyperdoc- There are still 5 (teachers) of you who have not yet completed the hyperdoc in google classroom. Due completed by August 7th.

Tuesday PD will be Balanced Literacy Focused. Please view Matt's video before the PD.

Wednesday PLC is team focused.

From Matt: I will be using Google Classroom to send you materials for professional development this year. Please join my class. The code is 42qmmc. I'll be sending out a 10 minute video that you'll need to watch before Tuesday's Word Study PD. Watching the video prior to the meeting will free up time for you to work with your grade level.

Don't forget to sign up for one of Matt's Interactive Read Aloud lessons here.

He is an excellent resource for us. Let's use him as much as possible.

PD Tuesday: Matt- Word Study (all staff- Non classroom teachers- this is an excellent PD for you to participate in because there are many ways that you can support our word study instruction in your respective classes or groups.

PLC Wednesday: Team Focus

PD/PLC Calendar

DIBELS BOY Assessments will be August 16th, 17th and 21st.

See Schedule below or on the Master Schedule.

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Reaching ALL Learners

Adult and Child- as you are getting to know your students, please keep in mind any kiddos that may need additional services. If you believe a student may benefit from our A/C team, please go ahead and send a referral. We do not need to worry about the medicaid/ private insurance as much anymore. As of now, we are splitting services with Adams Elementary but as more referrals come in, we may be able to have Amanda here full time.


Chromebooks and Computer Labs: We currently have 4 Chromebook carts. This Fall we should be getting two more and then second semester we will get 2 more! We've gathered several opinions and have tried hard to figure out how to give everyone access to our technology. Here is what we've come up with.

For this quarter/ or until we receive our next two carts:

K-2 will share one Chromebook cart and will have priority to both computer labs. This cart will have a sign up calendar taped to the top and calendars in each of the lab. You will sign up on your own.

3-5 will each have a cart that the grade level will share.

Nadine: Ok Acton Teachers! I will be in your building NEXT WEEK for your first round of model lessons. J Please click the link here and type in what lesson you would like for me to do with your class. Take a look at the suggested lessons. If you have another topic you would like for me to do, please let me know by August 4th. Email me if you have questions!

Nadine's Lesson Schedule

Flash Focus Schedule

What's Coming Up

Monday will be our first emergency drill for the year. We will conduct all drills, beginning at 10:00 AM. (newly rescheduled date)

8/4/17 August Field Trip forms are due.

8/4/17 Acton Family Cookout- Bring your family, a dish and lawn chairs or a blanket. We are going to have a great time having a picnic with our families!!!

8/8/17 Boy Scouts presenting at lunches

8/14 BOY DIBELS begin (see schedule)

8/15/17 Stem Scouts to present at lunch

8/16/17 Stem Scouts information night

8/18/17 All Staff cookout for lunches

8/18/17 All Pro Dads in LGI 7:45 AM

8/25/17 Midterm ends

8/25/17 September Field Trip reservations due

8/30/17 School Picture Day- LGI

8/30/17 Midterm grades posted for parents on IC