Robotics Engineer

Ramisa Anjum Tanha


-Cluster of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

-Math and Science subjects included

-I love creativity

Training and Education

- Needs a bachelors degree

- Needs work related experience for several years

Work Enviroment

-Indoor work

-Office type area

-Casual/Nice clothes that can be presented to public

-Includes both group and individual work

-Percentage of most of the work is emailing

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Job Description

-Salary of $45.31/per hour

-Estimate of $81,00 per year

-Growth opportunities of 2 percent to 4

-This job will be needed in the future

-Debug robot programs

-Upgrades robots

-Helps other engineers

-Interprets signals or data


I like this job because......

-Earns enough money

-Feel like you really earning it

-Creativity is included

-Deals with technology

This information was taken from Onet Online

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