Social Studies SWANA

By: Bre'Anna, Emilee, Jettlyn, and Ayden

Bre'Anna's Resesarch

Climate in North Africa/Southwest Asia is really easy to remember. About 50% of the region is desert. You might think that means a lot of sand but it doesn’t. Less than 10% of the land in the
desert is sand. The rest of the desert is rocky and gravelly. Most of the farming in the region is done in the areas with a Mediterranean climate.

Emilee's Research

The climate is a desert and obviously has no water so no one would settle there
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Jettlyn's Research

The difficulty is having enough water. Increased heat, drought, and insect outbreaks, all linked to climate change, have increased wildfires. Declining water supplies, reduced agricultural yields, health impacts in cities due to heat, and flooding and erosion in coastal areas are additional concerns.
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Ayden's Research

SWANA has an arid climate and had the highest recorded temperature ever of 136 degrees Fahrenheit. It is dominated by desert and has a low population
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