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· Winter 2020 Edition ·

New Version Alert!

Beginning tomorrow, March 3rd, Follett 17.0 will have updated to 17.5. So, what does this mean for you? Please read through your newest edition of Follett Quarterly to find out.

· Follett Resources on your LibGuide ·

Before we go over the update...

There are many resources available to you on the SLS LibGuide, including resources for Follett. Under the Follett Library Automation tab, we have screencast tutorials on how to add a patron, how to run many different reports, how to delete from your catalog and much more.

· What's New ·

Let's Start with the BIGGEST 17.5 Change

Tab Name Change

The Back Office tab is now called Admin.

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Also, There is a Big Change in Terminology

We just learned that the old Back Office tab is now called Admin, but the term "Back Office" is getting recycled. Now, what we in the past have referred to as Destiny Classic, will be called Back Office.

17.0 Back Office tab = 17.5 Admin tab

17.0 Destiny Classic = 17.5 "Back Office"

This may seem confusing at first glance, but we have confidence that you will grasp this change easily.

The reason for this change is that Follett felt that the term "Destiny Classic" might be confusing for students. They might still think they have access to it. If it is called Back Office it sounds more like a place students are not allowed to go.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, do not hesitate to call or email.

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Additional changes in 17.5

Use Sharing Options in the Simplified Version

You can now enable sharing options in the Simplified version of Destiny Discover (this was previously available in the Standard version). Sharing options let patrons access permalinks and QR (Quick Response) codes to share a specific Title Details page.

For more information, see Share Library Resources with Permalinks and QR Codes and Set Up Versions and Themes.

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More Control in Collections!

  • Administrators (that's you) control which users can create and view Collections
  • Administrators can restrict user view by site type
  • Administrators can take control of any user's Collection at their site.
  • Administrators can pin collections to the ribbons in Collections
Help Center Updates

A new Help topic shows you how to use Destiny to support a library organized by genre. Find links to information on efficiently adding genre data, as well as running reports and performing inventory by genre.

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Destiny and Discover changes so far this school year

We have covered these changes before, but I have included them here in case you would like to review them.

Use Search Options in the Simplified version

You can now enable Search Options in the Simplified version of Destiny Discover. Search Options let patrons use custom search settings to narrow their results. They can use Search Options with a search term or perform an open-ended search.
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Add images for custom Learning Links

Make your homepage more visual by adding images for custom links.

For more information, see Set Up the Homepage.

Choose where to display Learning Links on your homepage

You can show Learning Links as a column at the top of your homepage, arrange the order with other Featured Content carousels, or include it in both areas.

For more information, see Set Up the Homepage.

Improved display of News, Announcements and Learning Links

The new dynamic sizing of the News, Announcements and Learning Links columns makes better use of space on your homepage. The height adjusts based on the number of links or amount of text. When a maximum height is reached, text becomes scrollable, so any other Featured Content is more visible.

Quickly browse for resources with enhanced homepage design features

Featured Content on your homepage now appears as carousels that let you move through titles without jumping to a new page.

Note: If you feature collections on your homepage, that section will not appear in the carousel format at this time.

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Learning Link titles now display under each image, letting you identify resources at-a-glance.

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· Your Input Matters ·

The changes to the Learning Links were in direct response to the outpouring of enhancement requests this BOCES submitted. You can and do effect change. If you have any insights, requests, comments or opinions, please share them by submitting an enhancement request.

· User Group Meeting Dates ·

Our next meeting will be the Follett Refresher in August (date TBD). We will send out two more Follett Quarterly Newsletter, detailing any important changes, in the interim.
Please contact Amanda Karian ( with any questions or if you require more personalized training..