Edgar Allen Poe


How he started out

Edgar was born on january 19, 1809. Just 3 years after he was born his parents died and he was sent to live with Mr. Allan who hoped to raise him to become a business man

education part of life

before he was sent to college at University of Virginia he became engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster. Soon after though he claimed that Allan did not give him enough money. When he found out that Royster had left him he decided to drop out of college and soon joined the military

military time

once he left college he soon joined the military he went by the name Edgar a perry and claimed he was 22 years old when he only 18. After he served 2 years he wanted to end his 5 year enlistment early so he told his commanding officer who he really was. The officer siad that he could only discharge him if he got back to being friendly with Allan. Poe sent Allan many letters but was not answered Allan didn't even tell him about his step moms life threatening sickness and later died Poe came on the day after she was buried. Soon after her death Allan responded and Poe was soon discharged.


on october 3rd 1849 poe was found in the streets delirious then later died on october 7th 1849 the exact cause of death was unknown as he never could tell them what happened also he was wearing clothes that were not his. He was said to have been saying Reynolds before he died and his final words were "Lord help my poorw soul