Love For Kids

Founded by Bill Barret and Alan Powdermaker

Purpose of Love for Kids

“To enrich the quality of life of the young and young-at-heart within the Dallas/Fort Worth community who are in need of benevolent services."

Beginning of Love for Kids

Love was created to help less fortunate kids who were misplaced because of the Vietnam War. A Special Christmas Party was held for 200 children to show them what a "real Texas Christmas" was like.

Love for Kids Organizations

What Love for Kids provides

Annually Love for kids invites 2,000 children to the Holiday Party and 1,000 senior citizens to the Annual Senior Fling. Love for Kids has also conducted bicycle safety for 5,000 kids and parents each year as well as providing over 2,500 books for children

Affect Love for Kids has

Love for Kids has given children and parents with disadvantages to feel good about themselves and enjoy the little things they aren't privileged enough to have