Angie Stanton


The plot in the book Snapshot is a plot that young adults like me would enjoy. A girl named Marti and a boy named Adam met at a summer camp for photographers and were inseparable until she finds out that Adam is a rockstar for the band Jamieson. Marti has learned from the past that rockstars are bad news from what her father has done to her when she was a kid. But Adam proved to her that being a rockstar is not easy and he is nothing like her dad. After three weeks of camp were over Marti had to go live with her rockstar dad, Steven Hunter. She was not exited about this but she knew she had Adam by her side.


The character Marti is much like me. She plays the piano, she goes to camp, and her grandma died. During camp whenever Marti needed to have some alone time she would go into the lodge at camp in play the piano. When I was younger I took piano lessons and I loved it so much that I would play every singe day and I still love playing now. Every summer I go to summer camp with my friend molly and Marti also goes to summer camp. Also about 3 years ago my grandma died and it was a very hard time for me. In the book Marti's grandma also died and made a huge difference in her life.

Relation to my Age Group

This book is great for teenage girls. It has a romantic side to the book and a little comedy. In the book Marti and Adam meet at camp and fall in love with each other. After camp they both have to go back to reality and go back to their real lifes. This relates to a lot of teenagers lifes because when girls go to camp they usually meet a guy they really like and then never see them again. This book was an amazing book for teenagers and I recommend you to read it.


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