The Fault in Our Stars

By John Green


Hazel Grace is 16, her parents force her to go to support group which is reluctant to go. She soon finds out going would change her life for the better. Hazels meets Augustus Waters, he's charming and smart. Augustus has osteosarcoma, which is a rare bone cancer but has recently been all in the clear.

Hazel and Augustus embark an a roller coaster of emotions including joy, love, sadness and romance. They travel to Amsterdam in seek of there favorite author Peter Van Houten. On there trip Augustus gives Hazel some heartbreaking news that changes everything.

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Why someone should read this book?

The Fault in Our Stars is written by award winning John Green. This book shows the funny, thrilling, bold and tragic buisness of being alive and being in love. I started reading and meeting these characters that i started to like but as i read more i started to love them. This book is just plain beautiful. It made me laugh with the humor Hazel and Augustus have, it made me crying with the love they shared. This book is also so quotable, before i read it i saw all these quotes about the book that were good quotes but after you read this book you see the meaning of those quotes. I love this book and i highly recommend this book to others.