Much Ado About Nothing

By; Taylor Schwarm

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling would fit the actor to play the role of Claudio. Ryan is attractive just as Claudio is in the play. Claudio in the play is gullible and easily manipulated and Ryan Gosling would be the right guy to act that part of Claudio.

Neil Harris

Neil Patrick Harris would be a great actor for the part of Benedick. In the TV show How I Met Your Mother, Harris plays the part of Barney in which he is a bachelor and swears he will never get married just like Benedick. At the end of the show Barney falls in love with a girl and gets married. Benedick and Barney are both men who never believed in love before they fell into it.

Plot; Claudio Rejecting Hero at the altar

Claudio rejects Hero at the altar because he is mislead into believing that she has been unfaithful to him. This is an important scene because it is the reason Hero has to fake her death in order for the truth to come out. Later on it is discovered that Hero didn't cheat and she isn't actually dead.

Rachel Mcadams

Rachel Mcadams would represent Hero perfectly well. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are in love at first sight in the movie The Notebook much like Hero and Claudio were in Much Ado About Nothing. Hero and Rachel are also both very wealthy in the roles they play.

Plot; Benedick and Beatrice fall in love

Benedick and Beatrice constantly argue with each other about how they don't need a love in their lives and that they are going to stay single forever. When they are tricked into falling in love it is important. They are tricked into believing that they both are madly involve with each other so they let their egos go and fall in love

Plot; Claudio and Hero get married

The resolution of the story is when Claudio is blindly marrying a masked woman whom he has never met before. Claudio shows that he has abandoned jealous suspicions and fears of being controlled, and that he is ready to marry. He is rewarded by discovering that his bride is actually Hero and she is not dead but now his wife instead.


One of the main them in Much Ado About Nothing is pride. In Justin Bieber's now song Love Yourself he expresses pride. In the song he talks about how he moved on from a past relationship and that he is over her. In the lyrics he is showing pride that he is over her and that he is moving on and is proud of it. He shows pride throughout the song saying "you should go and love yourself" meaning that he doesn't love her so she should love herself instead.