Travel Agent

Career Goal: To become a travel agent. -By: Erika Bute

Career Overview

Travel agents help clients plan trips and purchase tickets for travel and events. Agents help people take the stress out of traveling.They find travelers the best rates possible for

airfare, accommodations, and attractions and find the best package to ensure that their trip runs smoothly. This causes many travel agents to worry and requires them to be extremely organized. However many companies, especially those that run cruise lines or entertainment parks want travel agents to promote their destination features. So they often times give travel agents big discounts or even complementary trips.

Skills and Interests

The most important skills you need for this job include-

  • Helping Others
  • Listening
  • Thinking Critically
This job is a good fit for your personality and interests if you are-

  • Enterprising- You carry out projects and lead people to make certain decisions.
  • Conventional-You pay close attention to detail and are very organized.

Working Conditions

The daily work of travel agents can usually be done from their own home. They spend most of their day in front of a computer making reservations and talking with clients. Agents can work long hours especially during busy travel times. If you work for travel agency instead of being self-employed, you will be less likely to have to work these long hours.

Wages and Outlook


  • U.S median is $17.53 an hour
  • Minnesota statewide median is $14.31 an hour

  • 970 workers employed in this career in Minnesota
  • It is in low demand with -21.6% growth rate

Career Related Occupations

  • Travel Guides
  • Tax Prepares
  • Advertising Sales Agent

Program of Study

Program options after high school to become a travel agent
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Associate of Science in Travel and Tourism Operation
Both programs usually require or encourage internships, and students may have the opportunity for study trips to resort areas or for international travel.

Program Admission

Courses needed in high school to get your diploma

  • 4 credits English/Language Arts
  • 3 credits Mathematics
  • 3 credits Science
  • 3.5 credits Social Studies
  • 7 credits Electives

Classes to take in high school to help you become a Travel Agent

  • Communication
  • Drama
  • Foreign Language
  • Geography
  • Technology

Program Coursework

  • Customer relations
  • Business writing
  • Sales techniques for travel and tourism
  • Reservation planning
  • Ship, train and airplane travel
  • Legalities affecting the travel industry
  • Travel and tourism marketing
  • Travel and tourism for special interest groups
  • Human resources management
  • Research methods

Related Programs

  • Selling Skills and Sales Operations
  • Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations


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Travel Agents Job Description