Team Talk

December 7, 2015

Our Mission

Now that you're on the bus, maintaining positive energy is essential. Fueling ourselves with positive thoughts, cultivating positive feelings and positive actions will prevent negativity from expanding. One way to accomplish this is to engage in a Thank you exercise. Take 10-minutes to walk around saying what you're thankful for. Being grateful floods the body with positive endorphins and emotions and coupled with walking boost energy.

This story from the book emphasizes the importance of fueling our positive energy:

A man goes to a village to visit the wise man and he says to the wise man, "I feel like there are two inside me. One dog is this positive, loving, kind, and gentle dog and then have this angry, mean-spirited, and negative dog and they fight all the time. I don't know which is going to win." The wise man thinks for a moment and he says, "I know which one is going to win. The one you feed the most, so feed the positive dog."

Becoming a solution-oriented, collaborative team committed to maintaining a positive environment that fuels risk-taking and the pursuit of excellence in PBL will require us to accept responsibility for the energy we bring to our work. Let's support one another as we strive to be better than we were the day before.

Thank you for you commitment to the the vision for our work as a team so that we will become an outstanding school of choice where students are engaged in project-based learning that develops 21st century skills supported by technology that prepares them for a global competitive society.

Evening of Excellence: Stars Unleashed

Thursday, December 10th a collaborative project will be unveiled. In addition to excitement surrounding the body of work that will be shared, prospective students will be in attendance.

It would be awesome if we all attended the event so families will have the opportunity to have a sense of who we are as a community. I look forward to seeing you there!

Climate Survey

The window for the climate survey closes December 11th. Please take a moment to respond to the survey. The instrument was sent to your Outlook email. As you respond, please choose on one side or the other of neutral so that we can have an accurate read. As with the student survey, neutral responses are calculated negatively.

Keep in mind that the results represent our school and will be published in the Dallas Morning News. We are by no means perfect, but New Tech is a awesome place to work, learn and grow. If there are areas that we need to address tell us directly and share a solution.

A positive school climate is a collective responsibility.

DeVeaux's Schedule

SCEI Training

Monday, Dec. 7th, 2-4:30pm

Ad. Bldg.

Grab and Go Breakfast Review Team Visit

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 8:45-9:15am

3030 Stag Road

Dallas, TX

Adrian Luna, executive Director Campus Visit

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9:30am

3030 Stag Road

Dallas, TX

2015-16 Key Actions