• Messenian
  • Arcadian
  • Megaran


  • Spartan assembly hall
  • temple of Artemis Orthia
  • The miliatry barracks

5 facts

  • Was a major city-state
  • Became the main military powers in ancient Greece
  • Sparta is located in the region of Laconia
  • Was the principal enemy of Athenes
  • It maintain until the roman conquest of Greece in 146 B.C.


  • Boys that went to school learned how read and write
  • Boys did not graduate from all schooling
  • You did not go to school until you were six years old


  • believed in polytheism which is the belief of many gods
  • There were thirteen gods
  • Zeus was the god of earth


  • Limited
  • They would eat any animal
  • Meat, including pigs, goat, and sheep
  • did not eat bread

daily lives were like

  • Was one of the strongest city-states in Greece
  • Ruled by two kings at a time
  • Produced fine art and literature
  • Was a military state
  • Was defeated by Thebes


  • They had 4 branches of government
  • One of the two kings was commander in chief of the army


  • They were a highly efficient unit on and off the battlefield.
  • the society was based on the constitution
  • They were less cultured