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By Justin Johnson

Jordan's Big Motor Car Rally

After several years of Jordan's motor car races, this is the first year with a major accident. On June 5th early in the day when the first race was near an end number 11 spun out of control and crashed into number 3. This caused a chain reaction and all the cars behind the accident were blinded be the smoke and flames causin more accidents. To this minute the officials are trying to figure out what cause the accident, they suspect that number 11s car was rigged.

Jordan's Terms


Silt is the small nutrient particles in rich soil. Silt helps crops grow. This is important because without silt it would be Almost impossible to farm. The ancient Egyptians might not have survived without the Nile flood. When the Nile flooded it carried silt in the water, fertilizing the river banks.


The definition of Dictatorship is, a government under one all powerful leader. So North Korea has a Dictatorship. The United States dose not, because we have three branches of government. So the president dose not make all the rules. This could be very dangerous because the Dictator might not be a good leader.
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I Enjoy Football. My favorite pro team is the Detroit Lions. My favorite college team are the Nebraska Huskers. My favorite player is Ameer Abdullah. He was a runing back for Nebraska and now plays for the Lions.