Mrs. Athman's News

Nov 7th-11th


This week in language arts worked with a reader’s theater book (script) Old Mother Hubbard’s Hungry Family. The children got to perform their reader’s theater for each other on Friday. Our focus was visualizing and analyzing characters. Our phonics work was identifying final consonant cluster sounds as well as blending (ft, lp, lt, mp) and segmenting words and substituting sounds.

Word Wall Words:

you, will, make, if, home, get, new

Vocabulary Words:

bare, none, poor, refrigerator, bone, cookies, cupboard, fish

Next Week’s Spelling Words:

split, squint, strap, strand, spring, scrub, have, or, by, one

Writer's Workshop

This week we tried adding dialogue and quotation marks in our stories to make them come alive! We are also working hard on writing a 5 Star Sentence. We are especially focusing on using capital letters and periods.

Reader's Workshop

We started reading a chapter book called Daisy Dawson is on the Go. We are using our skills of visualizing and analyzing characters as we read this book.


This week in math we:

* Exchanging nickels and pennies for dimes

* Counting dimes, nickels and pennies

* Adding with dominoes


We learned about how an election works. Each student in class "checked in", voted and then waited for the results. Students could vote for Clifford the Big Red Dog who wanted to clean up the park or Splat the Cat who wanted to clean up the library. Clifford won in a close vote of 13 to 10!