The Goose and The Wolf

By: Anusha Bajracharya


One day, a peaceful goose laid three golden eggs and was very thrilled. She wanted to go gather some food for herself, but she needed someone to watch the eggs and protect them just in case somebody steals them; she went over to the wolf and asked him, " I want to go gather some food . Will you watch my eggs and protect them from intruders while I am gone? I don't want them to get stolen." The wolf caught his attention on the golden eggs. As greedy as he is, he decided to steal the golden eggs. He thought they would make him the richest animal in the whole entire jungle. With those golden eggs, he also thought they would make all the animals adore him. "Sure,"said the greedy wolf with a big grin on his face.

As the wolf watched the eggs, he looked out to see if someone is looking at him. Nobody was watching him, so then he stole the eggs without anybody watching him and ran away. He quickly buried the eggs next to its habitat. Later that day, the goose came back and saw that the eggs were gone. She was very shocked and disappointed at the wolf and thought he is responsible for stealing the eggs. She went to go search for the eggs and wanted to know who stole them.

As she was searching for the eggs, she saw a golden color inside the crumbly soil. She suspected that it was her eggs, so she started digging and found the golden eggs. She knew the eggs were right next to the wolf's habitat, so she know knows that she was gullible into trusting the wolf to watch her eggs and that the wolf tricked her into stealing the eggs. In her mind, the goose formed a plan to set up a trap for the wolf.

Later, the wolf came back to the place he was guarding the eggs at and fell into a trap. He couldn't get out of the trap. He saw the goose through the trap. The goose said, "Don't mess with my golden eggs."

Theme (moral/ life lesson)

The themes of this story is "Greediness can turn you into a selfish and bad person and greediness can ruin your life" and "Always trust who you know well to guard your stuff, keep it, watch it, etc."