Making The Right Decision

By Anastasia Trombettas

Imagine a high schooler or middle schooler grows up with a disability or sickness for taking unsubscripted drugs during school to get more people to think they were cool. This student has to live the rest of their life disabled when they could have had a better life. Peer pressure has a negative effect on students academic and non academic choices inside and outside of school.

Studies by researchers show students are less likely to make good choices like signing up for things like SAT prep courses if their decision is made public to their peers. This also relates to outside of school, as the researchers asked 14 teenagers aged 14-18 to play a 6 minute video driving game. Half the time they played alone and half the time they were told they had 6 friends watching them. They ran about 40% more yellow lights and 60% more crashes when they knew their friends were watching.
Peer pressure doesn't just affect social and academic life, as it can also affect personal life. The things that affect his are drugs and alcohol use. A different research showed 1/5 teenagers aged 13-17 pretend to do or use drugs to look cool, which can result in the friend trying it and making the same mistake. Another example of this caused a death of an 11th grader at a party. She was dared to drink an entire quart of 107 proof alcohol. After chugging the quart at about 2am, she fell asleep at the her friends house. The next day, the friend noticed she was unresponsive and called 911, when she was pronounced dead at palos community hospital.
The other side of this situation is peer pressure can have a positive effect on students. An example of a reason is it encourages them to bring their grade up to have a better reputation. This can be true but it doesn't work as well if they don't get the help they need if they're of backlash from their peers when signing up for courses to help them get better scores on tests. Another example is it encourages you to try new things. This is also inaccurate because naturally you would make good decisions on your own, when it comes to peer pressure, kids make bad decisions like using drugs or alcohol to seem cool to their peers.

Peer pressure has a negative effect on students' grades, relationships with other students, and their whole life. People should focus more on peer pressure because the kids and teenagers who ruin their lives during school years with drugs and alcohol now are the future adults if the next generation, and the pattern will continue unless it's stopped.

Don't give into peer pressure and make sure the people around you don't either.