Alex Acosta

I'm creative.

My creativity can help a lot if there's a certain project. I can come up with ideas that are easy and quick to do, and it will most likely look nice. I'm creative because I've played lots of building games and I get good feedback n my stuff.

I'm good at math.

I'm pretty good at math, but like everyone, I commonly make mistakes once in a while. But I can fix the mistake if I see it. But of course I'm not a master at math or anything. But I'm pretty good at PEMDAS so if you need a math problem, I could probably do it.

I'm good at playing Piano.

I can play moderate level songs on my piano at home. I just need an hour or two of practice and I'm done with the song. Since I've been playing since been playing since I was 8, I'm really good with Piano songs.